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Installation Overview -- Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

By Linda Parker

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Temporary Lodging
Installation Overview -- Fairchild Air Force Base, Washington

Temporary Lodging Facility

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

There are two lodging facilities on base - Fairchild Inn is on the main part of the base and is used for most guests. The Survival Inn is on the Survival School side of the base and is for students in Survival School. The Fairchild Inn, 300 N. Short Street, is the 24-hour arrival point for all newly assigned members and their families. Personnel making a permanent change of station move to or from Fairchild are given priority; all other personnel will be space-available. Reservations may be made as soon as you receive your orders. For reservations call 509-244-2290 ext 2120, DSN 312-657-4275, or Toll Free 1-888-AFLODGE. If there is no space available, lodging personnel will assist you with finding off-base temporary quarters and will issue you appropriate paperwork.

There are ten units in which pets are allowed. If there is no pet unit available, but there is a regular unit available, you must kennel your animal or you must pay the excess cost to stay off-base. Lodging has information on local kennels and hotels which accept pets - many have a steep fee for pets.

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