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Installation Overview --Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi


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Installation Overview --Columbus Air Force Base, Mississippi

Columbus AFB dormatory

Photo courtesy U.S.Air Force

The Landings at Columbus currently has 453 new, renovated and traditional homes for Airmen and their families assigned to Columbus Air Force Base. Pinnacle Hunt is responsible for providing privatized housing on base. The majority of these units are Capehart ranch-style duplexes. All units have central heat and air conditioning, hardwood floors, refrigerator, electric range, dishwasher, disposal and washer/dryer hook-ups. State and Magnolia Villages can accommodate either gas or electric dryers. The waiting time for base housing varies according to rank and family size. Housing Flight is responsible for providing on and off base housing service to both single unaccompanied and married personnel assigned/attached to Columbus AFB.

For on-base family housing you are encouraged to contact Pinnacle Hunt directly at 662-434-8213. Once they receive an application and copy of PCS orders, you will be placed on the appropriate waiting list for your rank and bedroom entitlement as prescribed in AFI 32-6001. All military personnel are required to report to the Housing Office upon arrival at Columbus AFB to verify their housing entitlement and process a new AF Form 594. Once the information is verified, you will receive a referral slip to present to the privatized office personnel.

All single E4 and below personnel are required to reside on base in our unaccompanied enlisted quarters (UEQ) with the exception of E4 personnel with three or more years of service.

All single O1 and O2 Specialized Undergraduate Pilot Training (SUPT) students are required to reside on base in our unaccompanied officer quarters (UOQ), unless the occupancy rate is over 90 percent.

Single E5 through E9 members and single permanent party officers must reside off base and receive Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH).

If you desire to live off-base it is recommend you contact the housing office personnel in advance of your arrival to receive current information on community housing near Columbus AFB. Some rental properties do not allow pets and those that do may require a non-refundable pet fee. It is imperative that all SUPT students have permission to reside off base before viewing properties or entering into any lease. The housing office has partial and fully furnished units as well as unfurnished units in their inventory. The average cost of living for the Columbus area is medium and rising.

The average cost of housing-purchases is around $74,600. Average monthly utility payments: electricity - $75-$150 and natural gas - $40-$100 per month.

There are no mobile homes located on Columbus AFB. Average rent for two bedrooms in the Columbus area ranges from $250-$450 and for three bedrooms $475-$625 per month. The security deposit is $200-$500 per month depending on location and number of bedrooms.

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