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Installation Overview -- Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview -- Cannon Air Force Base, New Mexico

The Cannon AFB main gate is just off U.S. Highway 60-84. People arriving on US Highway 70 (from the south) should take State Highway 467 to the Portales gate. The Portales gate is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Clovis is served by a small community airport with commuter services from Albuquerque. The area is also served by passenger bus service.

If you arrive during normal duty hours, you should report to your new unit's orderly room. After duty hours, or during weekends and holidays, the arrival point is the Caprock Inn Lodging office, 401 South Olympic Blvd. Civilians should report to the civilian personnel office, 110 East Sextant Ave., during normal duty hours.

For those who are flying from Albuquerque, Great Lakes Airlines (1-800-554-5111) will be your airline. The closest airports are in Amarillo, TX (no shuttle service) and Lubbock, TX (shuttle service available). Direct flights from Lubbock and Amarillo are not available. Both cities are approximately 100 miles from the base.

From Amarillo, Texas

If driving, take I40 to I27 South toward Lubbock; turn west on Highway 60 at Canyon, TX. Stay on Highway 60 to Texico, NM where you'll pick up Highway 84 west to Clovis (approx. 7 miles). Cannon AFB is approximately 7 miles west of Clovis, still on Highway 60/84.

Greyhound Bus Lines are available from Amarillo; call 1-800-231-2222 for current schedule and fares. They stop in Clovis but not at the base. After arrival at the Clovis bus station, call your sponsor or duty section for transportation to Cannon.

From Lubbock, Texas

If driving, take Highway 84 west (passing through Littlefield TX, Muleshoe TX, and Farwell TX) in to Clovis NM and Cannon AFB.

Greyhound Bus Lines provides service from Lubbock; call 1-800-231-2222 for current schedule and fares. After arrival at the Clovis bus station, call your sponsor or duty section for transportation to the base.

The High Plains Shuttle provides service to Clovis and to Cannon AFB. Call 1-800-762-8343 for current schedule and fares. Reservations are required! You can arrange for the shuttle to drop you off at Lodging on base. They do accept pets in kennels for additional fare.

From Albuquerque,New Mexico

Kirtland AFB is located in Albuquerque. Kirtland information is provided for your convenience while in transit. For Lodging at Kirtland (on a space available basis), please call (505) 846-9653. For transportation call 505-846-2396 (if no answer call the Command Post at 505-846-6432). Kirtland Base Operator is DSN 312-246-0011 or 505-846-0011)

If flying, you will take Great Lakes Airlines into Clovis. Call them at1-800-554-5111 for flight information.

Greyhound Bus Lines provides bus service from Albuquerque to Clovis; call 1-800-231-2222 for ticket information.

If driving from Albuquerque, take I40 East approximately 116 miles to Santa Rosa. At Santa Rosa, exit to Highway 84 South 48 miles to Fort Sumner, then go east about 58 miles to Cannon AFB.


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