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Installation Overview -- Brooks City-Base, Texas


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There are no on-base schools on Brooks City-Base. Students who live on base attend public schools in the San Antonio Independent School District (SAISD).

San Antonio has many school districts. Students must attend the school in the area in which they reside except where otherwise allowed by School Board policy. In Texas, children must be five years old, on or before 1 September, to be enrolled in the kindergarten program. Children must be six years old, on or before 1 September, to enter the first grade.

Birth certificates are required for children enrolling in school for the first time. Children will not be allowed to start school until necessary immunizations have been obtained and actual dates have been provided to the school.

Students living on Brooks City-Base may attend Lackland schools on a case-by-case/space available basis; it is not automatic. Depending on the grade, there might not be space available; parents must apply for each child. Please keep in mind there is no transportation for students who are able to attend the schools on Lackland.

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