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Installation Overview --Beale AFB, California


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Beale AFB, California

Staff Sgt. Christina Duncan puts on gloves to inspect the inside of the ambulance

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force;Photo by Airman 1st Class Kevin Iinuma
The 9th Medical Group facility is a clinic providing primary care for Beale AFB. Specialty services are not offered in the facility and subsequently authorized military family members must rely on TRICARE/TRIWEST benefits to meet their special health care needs. Emergency room care and obstetrical care for both active duty and family members is available through the local community hospitals. The local community offers excellent medical and dental care working closely with military health care providers to ensure quality care. It is extremely important for both the military member and spouse to attend a TRICARE/TRIWEST benefits briefing as soon as possible after arrival at Beale AFB in order to ensure awareness and understanding of medical health benefits and available services. The Medical Right Start Brief is held at the Community Activities Center and is mandatory for military members. Spouses are highly encouraged to attend.

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