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Installation Overview --Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana


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Installation Overview --Barksdale Air Force Base, Louisiana

Barksdale AFB on-base housing

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

Airmen arriving at Barksdale AFB should report to the Billeting Office, just inside the North Gate at 555 Davis Avenue, and notify their respective sponsor. Sponsors will meet arriving airmen, escort them to their unit personnel offices and then to the First Term Airmen's Center (FTAC). The FTAC is part of the Barksdale Enlisted Mentoring Center located in room 209 of Building 5345. Airmen are assigned to the FTAC for a total of 30 calendar days, including their squadron in-processing

Barksdale AFB has 729 housing units for those that are authorized government family quarters - 594 for noncommissioned officers and the remaining 135 for officers. 401 are located on Main Base and 328 are located on East Reservation.

Houses on the main base were originally built in 1932 and 1959, and 172 new houses completed in 1998. The large, two-story units on the main base depict French colonial settings. These homes were placed on the National Registry of Historic Places in April 1992, along with more than 200 buildings on the main base that make up the Barksdale Historic District. All of the units on the East Reservation are 8 miles from the main base. Floor plans are available at the housing office.

All ranks are eligible to live in military family housing. Waiting times vary based on time of year and category of housing eligibility. Most families can expect to wait for quarters 18 to 24 months or more. Eligibility for housing is based on grade, family composition and date of application.

There are no mobile home spaces on base. Housing referral personnel do maintain a list of mobile home parks off base. Applications for base family housing can be made before arrival by mailing a completed Department of Defense Form 1746, with a copy of your orders assigning you to Barksdale, to the family housing office.

Housing for unaccompanied enlisted members is handled by Consolidated Dormitory Management. All dormitories house people in grades E-1 through E-4 (space required); E-5 and above may live off base. Before attempting to find off-base housing, contact the family housing office, located in Bldg. 3433 on Montgolfier Boulevard, or call 456- 4791. Housing referral specialists have information available on sales and rentals by owner and realtor. They also provide general information concerning VA and FHA loans, area schools, shopping and furniture leasing companies. Unaccompanied officers reside off base.

Point of Contact for base housing is the Community Manager, The Landings at Barksdale, 104 Shreveport Rd. (318) 747-2723.

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