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Installation Overview --Aviano Air Base, Italy


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Location/Driving Directions
Installation Overview --Aviano Air Base, Italy

If traveling on a commercial carrier, you should arrive at the Marco Polo Airport in Venice. Your sponsor can make arrangements through our local Transportation Squadron to meet your plane and provide transportation.

If your sponsor does not meet you, it is recommended to call the Base Command Post at 0434-307673.

Another option is to take the MARCO POLO SHUTTLE BUS. The Bus departs at the following times: 1020, 1215, 1420, 1900 and 2345. Only the 1020 and 1215 bus will take you ALL THE WAY to the base while the other three will bring you to the Pordenone Train Station. The Pordenone Train Station is only 20 minutes from base and there will be an Italian taxi service. These costs are reimbursable.

There is also a Taxi service available from the Marco Polo Airport and although the cost is a PCS reimbursable expense, you will have to pay the driver initially out of your own pocket. The cost could be as high as 180 Euro ($235.00 dollars).

Another option is to take the train. This is more difficult for those new to Italy. First you must take the water taxi to the Santa Lucia train station in Venice and take a train into Pordenone. The water taxi stand is accessible via a complimentary airport shuttle. Tickets for the water taxi may be purchased at the ticket counter located in the airport. Ask for a one-way (solo andata) to Santa Lucia. Once at the train station ticket counter ask for a one-way (solo andata) ticket to Pordenone. You can be reimbursed for a commercial taxi to Aviano Air Base if you are a PCS traveler.

Should you arrive via Milan, take the bus from the airport to the central train station. At the ticket counter, ask for a one-way (solo andata) ticket to Pordenone. You may have to change trains at least once either in Verona or Mestre (Venice) before arriving in Pordenone. At the Pordenone train station, call your sponsor or take a commercial taxi.

If you arrive after duty hours and your sponsor is nowhere to be found, the Command Post may assist and contact your squadron or First Sergeant. On base lodging is available on the Flightline (same location as AMC Terminal). Contact the Mountain View Lodge and if there are no vacancies on base, the Lodging staff can assist with arranging temporary lodging off base.

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