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Installation Overview --Joint Base Andrews, Maryland


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Installation Overview --Joint Base Andrews, Maryland

Andrew's Soldiers Fit to Fight!

Photo courtesy U.S.Air Force
The 316th Wing, under the auspices of the Air Force District of Washington, assumed host-unit responsibilities at Andrews Air Force Base in June 2006. The mission of the 316 WG is to provide contingency-response capability critical to national security. Andrews AFB frequently host the President and Vice President of the United States, congressional delegations, foreign heads of state and many other dignitaries and distinguished visitors. It is not unusual to have 20-30 Distinguished Visitor movements per week, including an average of one head of state DV movement per day.

The 316th Wing is host to more than 45 separate organizations here, including not only the 89th Airlift Wing (responsible for providing safe, reliable, worldwide airlift and logistical support for the President of the United States, Vice President, Cabinet members and other high-ranking U.S. and foreign government officials), but also units from the Army, Navy, Air Force Reserve and Air National Guard.


Active Duty Air Force.... : 7,700
Active Duty Navy......... : 1,248
Active Duty Marines...... : 424
Active Duty Army........... : 75
Air National Guard......... : 90
Reserve Component........ : fluctuates
Family Members........... : 15,000
Retirees................. : 25,000
Civilian Employees....... : 1,793

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