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Installation Overview --Alconbury RAF, United Kingdom


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Medical Care
Installation Overview --Alconbury RAF, United Kingdom

RAF Molesworth Medical and Dental Clinic

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The 423ABG Medical Facility is a modern clinic staffed with medical and dental professionals whose charter is to keep you and your family physically and mentally fit during your tour here. The facility is located at RAF Upwood, 16 miles from RAF Alconbury.

The 423ABG Medical Flight is an outpatient facility. Their role is to provide routine medical and dental services within the capability of their resources. Specialty services are limited and require referral to either military or civilian facilities. The British system of health care is built around the General Practitioner (GP) or family doctor. Subscribers to the National Health Service are assigned to, or choose their own GP. They consult him/her first before seeking any other medical advice or treatment.

The British equivalent to an emergency room is called the Accident and Emergency department (A&E), or Casualty. In true emergencies, any British emergency room will treat patients who arrive there for care. You are entitled to emergency care under the Status of Forces Agreement between the UK and US. In non-emergencies, you may be referred back to the 423-OLA Medical Flight for a routine appointment.

The Dental Services available at RAF Upwood should meet the needs of most service members and their families. There are two dental officers assigned for all branches of the military and their family member beneficiaries.Routine care including an annual dental examination and cleaning for active duty and family member is provided at the clinic. The annual examination for family members is scheduled during their sponsor's birth month.

Emergency dental care for any family member (regardless of age) or active duty member who is experiencing dental pain/injury or has a dental concern may call the clinic and schedule an acute appointment to address their special need. These appointments are available on a daily basis.

Specialty care (dental crowns, root canals, and teeth extractions) for family members is limited depending on the active duty workload. Despite this, these services have historically been provided to meet most family members, needs.

Orthodontics is extremely limited, there are no orthodontists assigned at RAF Upwood. An Orthodontist from RAF Lakenheath visits the clinic monthly. Priority for care is based on several factors but, those patients in active treatment (fixed braces) started prior to notification of assignment overseas receive the highest priority and utilize most of the limited available appointments.

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