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Installation Overview --Alconbury RAF, United Kingdom


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Installation Overview --Alconbury RAF, United Kingdom

Typical Base Housing at RAF Alconbury

Photo courtesy U.S. Air Force

The Military Family Housing (MFH) Office can assist in your transition to the United Kingdom to make it as smooth as possible. Familiarizing you with the local customs and laws will take the guess work out house hunting. The wait list time for military family housing (MFH) is approximately 6-12 months or more, depending on several factors, i.e., rank and number of dependents. The limited number of existing quarters makes it impossible to house all military families on base.

RAF Alconbury Housing Office maintains 209 units which are located on Alconbury and 28 at Brampton (about 7 miles from Alconbury and 10 miles from Molesworth - officers only). Government housing has both 240 and 110 outlets for your convenience.

All MFH are furnished with an American-type refrigerator, range, washer, dryer, microwave and dishwasher. British appliances (washers, dryers dishwashers, microwaves and refrigerators) are available from the Furnishing Management Office (FMO) on a permanent loan basis for economy quarters for eligible personnel.

You are permitted two pets in base housing. There are UK restrictions on pets.

Dormitory accommodation is situated on RAF Alconbury. There is one permanent party dormitory for single/unaccompanied members, is single occupancy and is room-bath-room configuration. Each room is 180 square feet and is fully furnished with a range of fitted furniture: computer unit, writing desk, entertainment unit, full size bed, coffee table, recliner chair, refrigerator and microwave. Kitchenettes have been created which allow one kitchen per 4 people. The building also has a well-equipped communal kitchen for larger dorm functions and a laundry room. All rooms have dual voltage outlets, ceiling fans, and window screens. Individual exterior doors have an electronic locking system.

For inquiries concerning the dormitory program, please contact the Unaccompanied Housing Manager at DSN 314-2683115 or Chief Unaccompanied Housing DSN 314-268-3506. Prior to your arrival, your sponsor should coordinate your dorm room if you are <E-4 and <3 years TOS so you move directly into the dorm upon arrival. Single unaccompanied personnel >3 years TOS or >E-4 would live off base.

With proper coordination from the Unaccompanied Housing Manager, E-4 single service members could be permitted to move off base depending on the occupancy rate. Part of the process will include a complete budget which supports the request to move off base. There are sufficient resources for single members moving off base that are within their housing allowance. There are two issues: finding furnished residences and or slowly acquiring sufficient furnishing. Furnishing Management Office (FMO) will support single members for up to 90 days while they slowly establish their residence.

Questions regarding any special housing needs of the family should be directed to the RAF Alconbury Housing office.

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