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Air Force Assignments & Moving

Air Force Assignments & Moving.Information and resources about the Air Force assignments system and moving in the Air Force.
  1. Bases and Units

Enlisted Assignments Information Book
Detailed informatation about the Air Force Assignments System.

Enlisted Assignment Locations
Locations (Air Force Bases) where enlisted personnel within different AFSCs (jobs) can be routinely assigned.

Air Force Community Based Assignment Test Program
The Air Force is testing a new "community-based" assignment program. The program involves assigning active-duty members as an active associate unit an Air National Guard base in states which do not have active duty bases, and the local community provides the normal active-duty base support, not the military.

Air Force Assignment System in a Nutshell
Qualified people with the needed skills must be in the right job at the right time to meet the Air Force mission. While the primary consideration in selecting personnel for reassignment is the members qualifications to accomplish the mission, the Air Force also considers many additional factors.

Humanitarian Assignments
It's an unfortunate truth that sometimes during a military career, a member may experience a severe family hardship which requires his/her presence to resolve, with circumstances which make resolving it with emergency leave implacable.

New Air Force Assignment Policies
The Air Force has announced new restrictions on Permanent Chance of Station (PCS) assignments, effective immediately. In an effort to save PCS dollars and to stabilize and better develop the force, new policies have been developed regarding PCS moves that will keep most Air Force personnel in one location for a longer period of time.

1n3X1 Assignments
Locations (Air Force Bases) where enlisted personnel within this AFSC (job) can be routinely assigned.

Recruiting Duty
Becoming an Air Force recruiter can be the most challenging and gratifying job you will ever have. Recruiters are responsible for the number and quality of young men and women who enlist and begin their Air Force careers. There are few jobs in the Air Force more challenging, satisfying, and rewarding as Recruiting. A more vital enlisted profession does not exist in the USAF.

Korea Tour Bonus
Airmen who volunteer to extend their tours of duty in South Korea may be eligible for an extra $300 per month. The test program will be offered until December 2005. Airmen who volunteer to serve a 24-month unaccompanied or 36-month accompanied tour before leaving their current duty station will be offered $300 per month for the duration of the tour.

Assignments FAQ
Frequently asked questions about the Air Force Assignments System.

Air Force Officer Assignments System
Web Page for the Air Force Officer Assignment System.

Chief's Group
The Air Force Chief's Group Assignments Section's official web page. Official information about assignments for the highest enlisted grade.

Chief's Group Annual Assignments Newsletter
Latest annual assignment newsletter from AFMPC concerning Chief Master Sergeant Assignments.

Enlisted Assignments
Listing of special duty assignments, assignment procedures, and overseas returnee listing.

Enlisted EQUAL Plus Listing
Listing of projected enlisted special duty assignments.

Enlisted Overseas EQUAL List
Listing of projected overseas enlisted vacancies.

Enlisted Overseas Returnee EQUAL List
Listing of projected enlisted vacancies for overseas returnees.

Operational Tempo
How frequent deployments affect overseas assignment statuses.

Relocation Resources
A host of great relocation resources from Air Force Crossroads.

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