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Airman Air Force Specialty Codes (AFSCs)
(As of 31 October 1999)

Aircrew Operations

1A0X1 -- In-Flight Refueling
1A1X1 -- Flight Engineer
1A2X1 -- Loadmaster
1A3X1 -- Airborne Communications Systems
1A4X1 -- Airborne Battle Management
1A5X1 -- Airborne Missions Systems

Command Control Systems Operations
1C0X1 -- Airfield Management
1C0X2 -- Operations Resource Management
1C1X1 -- Air Traffic Control
1C2X1 -- Combat Control
1C3X1 -- Command Post
1C4X1 -- Tactical Air Command and Control
1C5X1 -- Aerospace Control and Warning Systems
1C6X1 -- Space Systems Operations

1N0X1 -- Intelligence Applications
1N1X1 -- Imagery Analysis
1N2X1 -- Signals Intelligence Production
1N3X1 -- Germanic Cryptologic Linguist
1N3X2 -- Romance Cryptologic Linguist
1N3X3 -- Slavic Cryptologic Linguist
1N3X4 -- Far East Cryptologic Linguist
1N3X5 -- Mid-East Cryptologic Linguist
1N4X1 -- Signals Intelligence Analysis
1N5X1 -- Electronic Signals Intelligence Exploitation
1N6X1 -- Electronic System Security Assessment

1S0X1 -- Safety

Aircrew Protection
1T0X1 -- Survival, Evasion, Resistance, and Escape Training
1T1X1 -- Aircrew Life Support
1T2X1 -- Pararescue

1W0X1 -- Weather

Aerospace Maintenance
2A0X1 -- Avionics Test Station and Components
2A1X1 -- Avionics Sensors Maintenance
2A1X2 -- Avionics Guidance & Control Systems
2A1X3 -- Communication & Navigation Systems
2A1X4 -- Airborne Surveillance Radar Systems
2A1X7 -- Electronic Warfare Systems
2A3X1 -- F-15/F-111 Avionics Systems
2A3X2 -- (F-16, F-117, CV-22 Avionic Systems
2A3X3 -- Tactical Aircraft Maintenance
2A4X1 -- Aircraft Guidance & Control
2A4X2 -- Aircraft Communication & Navigation Systems
2A5X1 -- Aerospace Maintenance
2A5X2 -- Helicopter Maintenance
2A5X3 -- Bomber Avionics Systems
2A6X1 -- Aerospace Propulsion
2A6X2 -- Aerospace Ground Equipment
2A6X3 -- Aircrew Egress Systems
2A6X4 -- Aircraft Fuel Systems
2A6X5 -- Aircraft Hydraulic Systems
2A6X6 -- Aircraft Electrical and Environmental Systems
2A7X1 -- Aircraft Metals Technology
2A7X2 -- Nondestructive Inspection
2A7X3 -- Aircraft Structural Maintenance
2A7X4 -- Survival Equipment

Comm-Elec/Wire Systems Maintenance
2E0X1 -- Ground Radar Systems
2E1X1 -- Satellite and Wideband Communications Equip
2E1X2 -- Meteorological and Navigation Systems
2E1X3 -- Ground Radio Communications
2E1X4 -- Visual Imagery and Intrusion Detection Systems
2E2X1 -- Electronic Computer and Switching Systems
2E3X1 -- Secure Communication Systems
2E4X1 -- Space Systems
2E6X1 -- Communications Antenna Systems
2E6X2 -- Communication Cable Systems
2E6X3 -- Telephone Systems
2E8X1 -- Instrumentation and Telemetry
2F0X1 -- Fuels

Logistics Plans
2G0X1 -- Logistics Plans

Missile Maintenance
2M0X1 -- Missile and Space Systems Elect Maintenance
2M0X2 -- Missile and Space Systems Maintenance
2M0X3 -- Missile and Space Facilities

Precision Measurement
2P0X1 -- Precision Measurement Equipment Laboratory

Maintenance Management Systems
2R0X1 -- Maintenance Data Systems Analyst
2R1X1 -- Maintenance Scheduling

2S0X1 -- Supply Management
2S0X2 -- Supply Systems Analyst

2T0X1 -- Traffic Management
2T1X1 -- Vehicle Operations
2T2X1 -- Air Transportation

Vehicle Maintenance
2T3X1 -- Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Maint
2T3X2 -- Special Vehicle Maintenance
2T3X4 -- General Purpose Vehicle Mechanic
2T3X5 -- Vehicle Body Maintenance
2T3X7 -- Vehicle Maintenance Control & Analysis

Munitions & Weapons
2W0X1 -- Munitions Systems
2W1X1 -- Aircraft Armament Systems
2W2X1 -- Nuclear Weapons

Information Management
3A0X1 -- Information Management

Communication-Computer Systems
3C0X1 -- Communication-Computer Systems Operations
3C0X2 -- Comm-Computer Systems Programming
3C1X1 -- Radio Communications Systems
3C1X2 -- Electromagnetic Spectrum Management
3C2X1 -- Communication-Computer Systems Control
3C3X1 -- Comm-Comp Sys Planning & Implementation

Civil Engineering
3E0X1 -- Electrical
3E0X2 -- Electrical Power Production
3E1X1 -- Heating, Ventilation, AC, & Refrigeration
3E2X1 -- Pavement and Construction Equipment
3E3X1 -- Structural
3E4X1 -- Utilities Systems
3E4X2 -- Liquid Fuel Systems Maintenance
3E4X3 -- Environmental
3E5X1 -- Engineering
3E6X1 -- Operations Management
3E7X1 -- Fire Protection
3E8X1 -- Explosive Ordnance Disposal
3E9X1 -- Readiness

3H0X1 -- Historian

3M0X1 -- Services

Public Affairs
3N0X1 -- Public Affairs
3N0X2 -- Radio and Television Broadcasting
3N1X1 -- Regional Band
3N2X1 -- Premier Band

Security Forces
3P0X1 -- Security Forces

Mission Support
3S0X1 -- Personnel
3S0X2 -- Personnel Systems Management (PSM)
3S1X1 -- Military Equal Opportunity
3S2X1 -- Education and Training

3U0X1 -- Manpower and Quality Management

Visual Information
3V0X1 -- Visual Information
3V0X2 -- Still Photographic
3V0X3 -- Visual Information Production-Documentation
4A0X1 -- Health Services Management
4A1X1 -- Medical Materiel
4A2X1 -- Biomedical Equipment
4B0X1 -- Bioenvironmental Engineering
4C0X1 -- Mental Health Service
4D0X1 -- Diet Therapy
4E0X1 -- Public Health
4F0X1 -- Aeromedical
4H0X1 -- Cardiopulmonary Laboratory
4J0X1 -- Occupational Therapy
4J0X2 -- Physical Therapy
4M0X1 -- Aerospace Physiology
4N0X1 -- Medical Service
4N1X1 -- Surgical Service
4P0X1 -- Pharmacy
4R0X1 -- Diagnostic Imaging
4T0X1 -- Medical Laboratory
4T0X2 -- Histopathology
4T0X3 -- Cytotechnology
4U0X1 -- Orthotic
4V0X1 -- Optometry

4Y0X1 -- Dental Assistant
4Y0X2 -- Dental Laboratory

5J0X1 -- Paralegal

Chaplain Service Support
5R0X1 -- Chaplain Service Support


6C0X1 -- Contracting

6F0X1 -- Financial Management & Comptroller

7S0X1 -- Special Investigations

8A000 -- Flight Attendant
8B000 -- Military Training Instructor
8B100 -- Military Training Leader
8C000 -- Family Support Center
8D000 -- Linguist Debriefer/Interrogator
8E000 -- Research and Development Craftsman
8F000 -- First Sergeant
8G000 -- USAF Honor Guard
8J000 -- Correctional Custody Supervisor
8M000 -- Postal Specialist
8P000 -- Courier
8P100 -- Defense Attaché Specialist
8R000 -- Recruiter
8S000 -- Missile Facility Manager
8S100 -- Sensor Operator
8T000 -- Professional Military Education Instructor

9A000 -- Awaiting Retraining-Reasons beyond Control
9A100 -- Awaiting Retraining - Reasons within Control
9A200 -- Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Within Their Control
9A300 -- Awaiting Discharge/Separation/Retirement for Reasons Beyond Their Control
9C000 -- CMSgt of the Air Force
9D000 -- Dormitory Manager
9E000 -- Command Chief Master Sergeant
9G000 -- Airman Aide
9J000 -- Prisoner
9L000 -- Interpreter/Translator
9P000 -- Patient
9R000 -- Civil Air Patrol (CAP)-USAF Reserve Assistance NCOs
9S100 -- Technical Applications Specialist
9T000 -- Basic Airman
9T100 -- Officer Trainee
9T200 -- Pre-Cadet Assignee
9U000 -- Ineligible for Local Utilization
9U100 -- Unallotted Airman


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