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Air Force Rank Structure
All About Air Force Rank and Insignia
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The NCO Tier

This tier is where technical sergeants (TSgt) and staff sergeants (SSgt) transition from workers and journeymen to craftsman and supervisory positions as they develop military leadership skills and attend PME.


Staff Sergeants (SSgt) wear a chevron of four stripes with a silver star in the center. Pay grade is E-5. SSgts are primarily craftsmen with certain NCO supervisory responsibilities. They may hold either a 5- or 7-skill level. SSgts must complete their 7-skill level through upgrade training to be promoted to TSgt. SSgt supervisory duties differ from those of the TSgt only in scope and span of control. SSgts strive for greater supervisory competence as they function in their technical capacity. They are responsible for their subordinates and the effective accomplishment of assigned tasks. They ensure proper and effective use of personnel and materiel. SSgts must continuously strive to further their development as technicians and supervisors. The official term of address is “staff sergeant” or “sergeant.”
Technical Sergeants (TSgt) wear a chevron of five stripes with a silver star in the center. Pay grade is E-6. TSgts hold a 7-skill level and are qualified to perform highly complex technical duties in addition to providing supervision. They are responsible for the career development of all enlisted personnel under their supervision. They must obtain maximum performance from each subordinate and ensure the product or service is of the quality necessary for total mission effectiveness. TSgts will continuously strive to broaden and perfect their professional expertise and supervisory techniques. The official term of address is “technical sergeant” or “sergeant.”


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