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Air Force Occupation & Aeronautical Badges
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Acquisition & Financial Management
Air Battle Management
Air Traffic Control

Officers: (61, 62) Scientific/Research, Development Engineering Officers; (63) Aquisition Officers; (64) Contracting Officers; (65) Financial Management Officers

Enlisted: (6C) Contracting; (6F) Financial Management

Officers: (13B) Air Battle Management Officers

Enlisted: (1A5X1, 1A4X1) Air Battle Management

Officers: (13C) Air Traffic Control Operations Officers

Enlisted: (1C1) Air Traffic Control Operations

Civil Engineering

Officers: Air Force officers in the NASA Astronaut Program

Enlisted: None

Officers: (35B) Band

Enlisted: (3N1) Band

Officers: (32) Civil Engineer Officers

Enlisted: (3E) Civil Engineer, except EOD

Biomedical Sciences Corps
Buddhist Chaplain
Christian Chaplain

Officers: (42)(43) Biomedical Services Officers (BSC)

Enlisted: None

Officers: (52) Chaplain

Enlisted: None

Officers: (52) Chaplain

Enlisted: None

Command & Control
Communications & Information
Enlisted Aircrew

Officers: None

Enlisted: (1C) Command & Control Systems Operations.

Officers: (33) Communications & Information Officers

Enlisted: (3C) Comm-Computer Systems; (3V) Visual Information

Officers: None

Enlisted: Enlisted Aircrew Members

Dental Corps
Enlisted Medical
Medical Corps

Officers: (47) Dental Corps (DC)

Enlisted: None

Officers: None

Enlisted: (4XXXX) Enlisted Medical Service Members

Officers: (40)(44)(45)(48) Physician (MC)

Enlisted: None

Flight Nurse
Flight Surgeon

Officers: None

Enlisted: 3E8X1, Explosive Ordinance Disposal

Officers: Nurse Corps Officers on flying status

Enlisted: None

Officers: Medical Doctors certified as Flight Surgeons

Enlisted: None

Force Protection
Information Management

Officers: (31) Security Forces Officers

Enlisted: (3P) Security Forces Officers); (7S) Special Investigations

Officers: None

Enlisted: (3H) Historian

Officers: None

Enlisted: (3A) Information Management

Logistics Plans

Officers: (14) Intelligence Officers

Enlisted: (1N) Intelligence

Officers: (25) Logistics Plans & Programs Officers

Enlisted: (2G) Logistics Plans

Officers: (21) Aircraft Maintenance & Munitions Officers

Enlisted: (2A, 2P, 2W) Manned Aerospace Maintenance, Precision Measurement, Munitions and Weapons; (2E) Comm-Electronic Systems; (2R) Maintenance Management Systems


Jewish Chaplain
Judge Advocate
Medical Service Corps

Officers: (52) Chaplain

Enlisted: None

Officers: (51) Judge Advocate Officers

Enlisted: None

Officers: (41) Health Services Administration Officers (MSC)

Enlisted: None

Manpower & Personnel

Officer: (36) Mission Support & Personnel Officers; (38) Manpower Officers

Enlisted: (3S) Mission Support; (3U) Manpower

Officer: (15) Weather Officers

Enlisted: (1W) Weather

Officers: Rated Navigators

Enlisted: None

Missile with Ops Designator
Muslim Chaplain

Officers: (13X4) Space & Missile Staff Officer; (22) Space & Missile Maintenance Officers

Enlisted: (2M) Space & Missile Systems Maintenance

Officers: (13SXC) Missile Operations Officers

Enlisted: None

Officers: (52) Chaplain

Enlisted: None

Nurse Corps
Security Police (Security Forces)

Officers: (46) Nurse Corps (NC)

Enlisted: None

Officers: Officers qualified for parachutist duty.

Enlisted: Enlisted members qualified for parachutist duty

Officers: (31) Security Forces Officers

Enlisted: (3P) Security Forces Officers)

Officer Aircrew Member
Operations Support

Officer: Non-rated officers on flying status

Enlisted: None

Officers: S-Prefix (Safety Officers), (16) Operations Support Officers

Enlisted: (1S, 1T) Safety, Survival Training, Aircrew Life Support, Pararescue

Officers: None

Enlisted: (5J) Paralegal


Officers: Rated officers certified as pilots

Enlisted: None

Officers: (34) Services Officers

Enlisted: (3M) Services

Officers: (13A Astronaut) (13S) Space & Missile Operations Officers

Enlisted: (1C6) Space Systems Operations

Weapons Director

Officers: (23) Supply Officers

Enlisted: (2S, 2F) Supply, Fuels

Officers: (24) Transportation Officers

Enlisted: (2T) Transportation & Vehicle Maintenance

Officers: (13B) Air Battle Management Officers

Enlisted: (1C5X1D, 1A4X1D) Weapons Directors

Chaplain Support
Public Affairs

Officers: None

Enlisted: (5R) Chaplain Assistant

Officers: (35P) Public Affairs Officers

Enlisted: (3N) Public Affairs

Above Graphics Courtesy of United States Air Force. Information derived from Air Force Instruction 36-2923 - AERONAUTICAL, DUTY, AND OCCUPATIONAL BADGES, and & Air Force Instruction 11-402 - AVIATION AND PARACHUTIST SERVICE, AERONAUTICAL RATINGS AND BADGES


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