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Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP)


The Recruiter Assistance Program (RAP) is a way Airmen can assist in finding quality men and women to meet the challenges of today’s Air Force. Airmen can be a major influence in bringing the Air Force story to their hometown or place of previous residence by assisting the local recruiter in making contacts and developing leads. Airmen may participate in question and answer sessions or make presentations to provide testimonial of their Air Force experiences to high school and college students. The Air Force will grant non-chargeable leave to those members who would like to positively impact recruiting by participating in RAP.

Airmen are eligible to apply for up to 12 days of non-chargeable leave for RAP. Airmen can take chargeable leave in conjunction with RAP. The actual number of days Airmen can assist recruiters and whether they take chargeable leave beyond the 12 days depends on each Airman’s preference, the recruiter’s need for assistance, and the Airman’s supervisor’s willingness to approve the leave.

Air Force Instruction 36-3003 states that all active-duty Airmen are eligible for RAP. However, not all eligibles will be selected for RAP. Only applications approved by commanders will be forwarded to the recruiting squadron, and only applications approved by the recruiting squadron will be approved for RAP.

Airmen can participate in RAP as often as their supervisors approve their leave, their commanders approve their eligibility and recruiters need assistance.

RAP is typically done in an area where Airmen have recently lived or have established ties to the community. Airmen may apply to participate in RAP anywhere they believe they can be of assistance to recruiters, subject to the approval of their commanders and their recruiting squadron commanders.

Typical activities include visiting high schools with the recruiter, calling people to discuss the benefits of an Air Force career, and sharing personal Air Force experiences to help persuade potential recruits to join the Air Force. Recruiters provide details on the activities they have planned and consider suggestions. Airmen should expect to work a full eight hour day while participating in RAP. The specific hours of duty are determined by the recruiters.

As with ordinary leave, there is no reimbursement for travel for RAP. Airmen will not receive per diem for lodging or sustenance. Also, as with ordinary leave, there are no travel days -- the method of travel is up to the discretion of the participant, and days spent traveling to and from the recruiter’s location are chargeable leave in accordance with Air Force Form 988, Leave Request Authorization. For Airmen participating in RAP in conjunction with TDY or PCS, no additional travel days will be authorized.

All Airmen participating in the RAP program must complete an AFRS IMT 1327. NOTE: The supervisors of active-duty Airmen will sign in the training squadron section and their commanders will sign in the training group section.

Recruiters give Airmen RAP Participation Verification Letters signed by their recruiting squadron commanders. Airmen returning to their assigned duty station should make copies of their letters for their records and attach the original letter to Part III of their leave return forms. Airmen who participated in RAP while in TDY or PCS status should attach their original letters to their travel vouchers before submitting them.

Above information courtesy of Air Force Recruiting Command

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