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Physical Training Uniform Requirements


Updated November 21, 2005
The Air Force Uniform Board established an Oct. 1, 2006, mandatory wear date of the physical training uniform, or PTU, for unit fitness activities.

The board also released additional guidance for Airmen wearing the uniform for personal workouts.

Airmen may wear the PTU during personal workouts given the following conditions:

    -- T-shirts may be worn out or tucked in.

    -- Jackets may be zipped, unzipped and worn with civilian clothes.

    -- Black or navy blue leggings or stretch shorts may be worn under the uniform shorts.

    -- White socks of any length and small conservative trademarks are authorized.

    -- Any athletic shoes may be worn;

    -- Safety items such as reflective belts, camelbacks and fanny packs are authorized;

    -- Hats or knit caps are authorized provided they meet military image requirements;

    -- Headphones are still authorized;

    -- Bandanas and other similar head scarves are not authorized unless Airmen have a medical waiver; and

    -- Saluting is not required.

All Airmen must comply with tattoo and jewelry standards as stated in Air Force Instruction 36-2903, Dress and Personal Appearance of Air Force Personnel.

Female Airmen exercising in the PTU may wear their hair free of pins or other accessories normally required to meet uniform standards. Also, there is no mandated maternity uniform while participating in formations or unit activities.

The Air Force created the PTU to support unit cohesion and present a professional, standardized image.

Commanders will determine what uniform items -- which consist of a jacket, pants, shorts and T-shirt -- Airmen will wear during unit fitness events.

The uniform board is working on optional items including a long-sleeve shirt, sweatshirt and another style of running shorts.

For more information, Airmen should contact their commander's support staff, military personnel flight or personnel office at deployed locations.

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