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Air Force News Agency

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Hometown News Release, DD Form 2266, is a quick and simple way to showcase the activities and accomplishments of Soldiers and Airmen. A service member fills out a form and forwards it through the public affairs office to the hometown news service. The service uses the form to produce a news release and market it to newspapers in locations where the service member has family ties.

Print and photo feature releases are in-depth personality features created from interviews conducted at field locations around the world. Included is a personal photo of each individual and several stock photos of the event or story line. These features usually result in a one-half to full-page spread in a newspaper.

Radio news releases, out of all the hometown news products offered to the media, are the closest to pure hard news. These concise 60-second bites of information give the hometown audience a glimpse of a national or international event through the voice of a local service member.

Video news releases are 90-second television feature stories generated from field interviews with individual soldiers and airmen around the world involved in newsworthy events or activities. Releases are tailored to each broadcast outlet's tape format requirements, and includes font information, a suggested anchor introduction and a script.

Holiday greetings are short, 10- to 15-second messages available in both video and audio. The Holiday Greetings Program involves three teams -- Mediterranean, Pacific and European -- who set up cameras and microphones at overseas bases, outposts and aboard ships to allow Soldiers, Airmen, Sailors and Marines the chance to send video greetings to family and friends back home via their hometown media outlets. A print version of holiday greetings is also available on-line on the Hometown News Web site, Hometown Link (http://hn.afnews.af.mil/)

Air Force News Service

The Air Force News Service provides timely, accurate and relevant Air Force and DOD news and information to the Air Force community and the public. It accomplishes this using print, electronic and Internet-based computer products.

The news service also supports the deployment of people and equipment that make up the Air Force Combat News Team. The team can be dispatched during peacetime, contingency or combat operations to establish an on-scene internal media presence, and gather news for distribution to Air Force people and the public worldwide.

The news service has two divisions -- News Operations and Publications.

The News Operations Division staff reports on Air Force missions, programs, policies and activities through national-level Air Force news products. It interprets and analyzes the news value of events that shape the Air Force and quickly gathers and disseminates that information. The division acts as the customer liaison for anyone receiving news service products electronically. It includes the Electronic News Branch, Print News Branch and Web Operations Branch.

The Publications Division staff writes, edits, designs and distributes informational products; oversees the production of news service printed products; and handles and archives all digital images. It includes the Airman Magazine Branch, Communication Design Branch, and Products and Production Branch.

Working closely with Air Force News Service are the Regional News Center-Europe at Ramstein Air Base, Germany; the Regional News Center-Pacific at Yokota Air Base, Japan; and the Pentagon News Bureau in Washington, D.C. These offices provide news stories, images and videos of Air Force people and events for use in print and electronic products distributed Air Force-wide and to the public.

Above Information Courtesy of U.S. Air Force

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