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Air Force News Agency


The Air Force News Agency (AFNEWS) with headquarters in San Antonio is a field operating agency of the Secretary of the Air Force Office of Public Affairs (SAF/PA).


AFNEWS gathers, packages and disseminates printed and electronic news and information products during wartime and peacetime. The agency manages and operationally controls the Air Force Broadcasting Service and its outlets, Army and Air Force Hometown News Service and Air Force News Service.

AFNEWS is the executive agent for work-force standards and Armed Forces Radio and Television Service (AFRTS) wartime planning for the American Forces Information Service, Office of the Assistant Secretary of Defense for Public Affairs. The agency also provides support to the Air Force public affairs regional offices in Chicago, Los Angeles and New York City.

During a major military operation AFNEWS deploys an Air Force Combat News Team to gather print and electronic news reports, feature stories and imagery on Air Force support to the operation. In times of crisis, the agency activates and operates the Air Force Hotline -- a toll-free telephone service that provides information to the public on Air Force people and activities related to the crisis.


AFNEWS has approximately 497 Air Force, Army, Navy, Marine military and civilian personnel assigned at more than 26 locations worldwide. The total figures break out to 64 percent Air Force, 3 percent Army, 5 percent Marines, 7 percent Navy and 22 percent civilian force.

Various career fields are represented in the following personnel breakdown:
Broadcasting: 37 percent; Visual Imagery: 16 percent; Public Affairs: 7 percent; Information Management: 4 percent; Supply and Computer Systems: 2 percent each; Visual Information, Personnel and Contracting: 1 percent each


Air Force Broadcasting Service

The Air Force Broadcasting Service manages AFRTS outlets owned and operated by the Air Force. Its mission is to inform and entertain Department of Defense people and their families in Central and Southern Europe, Southwest Asia, Turkey, the United Kingdom, the Azores and the Pacific Rim.

The directorate provides budget estimates for broadcasting investment equipment; develops operations and maintenance budgets; coordinates, approves and maintains work force standards; and coordinates the assignment of military and civilian personnel to Air Force broadcasting outlets. It centrally manages the operations, maintenance and procurement of all broadcasting equipment for its outlets, and coordinates with DOD and other military departments on AFRTS matters of mutual interest.

During wartime, Air Force Broadcasting Service, its outlets and personnel support the AFRTS mission of providing news and information to all DOD elements in place or deployed to an area of operation.

Army and Air Force Hometown News Service

Army and Air Force Hometown News Service reports on the individual accomplishments of active-duty, Guard, Reserve members and DOD civilians as news releases are sent to media outlets serving their hometowns.

More than 14,000 newspapers, radio and television stations subscribe to the free service. Together they receive more than 650,000 print and photo stories, and radio and television interviews annually. A staff of Army and Air Force active-duty and civilian employees produce these products using computer-automated typing, printing and distribution methods.

Hometown news service stories report military awards, promotions, transfers, education and training achievements, and participation in newsworthy events worldwide. The service has two divisions.

The Broadcast Division produces radio and television stories from around the world. Broadcast teams cover such stories as major exercises and disaster relief efforts.

The Print Division produces news releases and print with photo news features to help Army and Air Force members receive public recognition for their accomplishments and retain their identities in their hometown communities.

Hometown News Service Products

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