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Air Force Career Job Reservations


Updated October 07, 2004

The Air Force has revised the career job reservation list to meet end-strength goals under force shaping.

The Air Force is currently overmanned (see related article). As part of their down-sizing efforts, the Air Force has re-established the CJR program for first-term Airmen serving in designated "constrained" AFSCs (jobs).

Basically, under the CJR program, first-term airmen must compete for a limited number of re-enlistment slots. If an Airman doesn't get one of these limited slots, they must either separate from the Air Force at the end of their current enlistment period, or agree to re-train into a different AFSC.

While five new Air Force specialties have been identified as constrained, another six have been released from the list. The list of constrained Air Force specialties and quotas are established by Air Staff

The Current List

1C3X1 Command Post
1C6X1 Space Systems Operations
1T1X1 Aircrew Life Support
1W0X1x Weather (includes basic AFSC and all suffixes)
2A0X1B Avionics Test Station and Components Avionics Systems, F-15
2A0X1D Avionics Test Station and Components Electronic Warfare Systems, All Helicopters And Aircraft
2A3X1C A-10, F-15, AND U-2 AVIONICS SYSTEMS Communication, Navigation, and Penetration Aids
2A3X3B Tactical Aircraft Maintenance, F-16/F-117
2A5X1J (A,B,C,D) Aerospace Maintenance
2A5X1K (E,F) Aerospace Maintenance
2A5X1L (G,H) Aerisoace Maintenance
2A5X3A Integrated Avionics Systems, Communication, Navigation, and Mission
2A5X3B Integrated Avionics Systems, Instrument and Flight Controls
2A5X3D Integrated Avionics Systems, Airborne Surveillance Radar System
2A6X1B Aerospace Prpulsion, Turboprop and Turboshaft Propulsion
2A6X2 Aerospace Ground Equipment
2E0X1 Ground Radar Systems
2E1X4 Visual Imag and Intrustion
2M0X3 Missle and Space Facilities
2T3X1 Special Purpose Vehicle and Equipment Maintenance
3C0X1 Comm-Comupter Sytems Operations
3C2X1 Comm-Computer Systems Control
3E0X2 Electrical Power Production
3E1X1 Heating, Vetilation, Air Conditioning and Refrigeration
3E2X1 Pavements and Construction Equipment
3E3X1 Structural
3E4X3 Environmental Controls
3E6X1 Operations Management

First-term Airmen in any of the above AFSCs must apply for a quota. They will compete for monthly quotas using a rank order process (Unfavorable Information File (as a disqualifying factor), Top three Enlisted Performance Reports, Grade, Projected Grade, Date of Rank, Total Active Federal Military Service Date, and Date of Birth).

Limiting CJRs is the latest in a series of Air Force initiatives to ensure the service keeps people only where they are needed.

Those who are not approved for retraining or do not receive a CJR will be projected for separation.

Only first-term Airmen selected for re-enlistment by their commander will be allowed to apply for a CJR.

For further information and a complete list of constrained specialties, Airmen can contact their local military personnel flight's re-enlistment office or visit the CJR Web site at www.afpc.randolph.af.mil/enlskills/Reenlistments/CJR.htm.

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