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Air Force Weapons

Military Weapons - United States Air Force. Information, photos, and statistics about military weapon systems used by the United States Air Force.

The AC-130 Gunship -- Fire In The Sky
A description of the AC-130 Gunship, one of the deadliest aircraft ever developed by the U.S. military. Article examines the AC-130's origins, combat capabilities, and reputation among U.S. soldiers and their adversaries.

The Father of All Bombs
Military aircraft routinely drop 500 pound bombs and even 1,000 pound bombs. Imagine a 30,000 pound bomb!

Nicknamed the Raptor, the F-22 is the most advanced and expensive fighter fielded by any air force in the world.

The Eagle is a two-seat tactical fighter, powered by two turbofan engines. It is supersonic, flying at a rate of 1,875 miles per hour (Mach 2.5) at an altitude of 65,000 feet. It is more than 63 feet long with a wingspan of nearly 43 feet.

Expanding Use of the UAV
Unmanned aerial vehicles are successfully transforming the way the Air Force does business, and the service is committed to supporting and developing more of them.

Joint STARS Mission
High over Iraq, an E-8C Joint STARS aircraft surveys hundreds of miles of the country at a time, looking for insurgent activity, controlling those situations and taking action if needed. The aircraft's crew ultimately keeps ground troops safer by communicating with convoys and directing air power to quell the enemy.

F-22 Raptor Goes Operational
The F-22A Raptor -- Air Force’s most advanced weapon system -- is ready for combat, Air Force officials announced at Langely Air Force Base, VA. In reaching initial operational capability, the Raptor is certified ready for operational use.

Security Forces Unmanned Aerial Vehicles
A group of enlisted Security Forces Airmen Ali Base in Iraq are using their wings to do a job both kinds of pilots do -- provide base security through air superiority. The half-dozen Airmen -- 407th Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron troops -- pilot tiny unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles that provide low-cost, low-risk video of any terrain over which they fly.

Peacekeeper Missile Deactivation
The era of the Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missile, often credited with helping end the Cold War, is coming to its own close Sept. 19 (2005) with the final phase of the deactivation process. The deactivation began in October 2002 after President Bush set a plan in motion in 2001 to reduce the country’s missile forces from 6,000 to between 1,700 and 2,200.

Flying the Predator UAV
Each MQ-1 Predator unmanned aerial vehicle mission flown in the Iraqi sky begins and ends at Balad Air Base in Iraq. Sitting side by side in the “cockpit,” enlisted Airmen and officers work as a team providing top cover to Soldiers on the ground. Interestingly, after the unmanned aircraft takes off, control is passed to Nellis AFB in Nevada, until it's time to land.

Magic Fighter Pilot Helmets
F-16 Fighting Falcon pilots can now look, lock and launch on an enemy target in the blink of an eye. Because split seconds can mean the difference between life or death for a pilot in combat, the Air Force is adopting an advanced approach to high-tech man-machine interaction with the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System.

Predator Fleet to Expand
Air Force officials plan to expand the current Predator Unmanned Aerial Vehicle fleet to as many as 15 squadrons. This increase, announced March 18 (2005), is in response to the escalating demand for intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance capability in the war on terrorism.

Robots of the Air Force
REDCAR allows the Air Force to integrate a family of robots to secure an airfield and take the warfighter out of the initial line of attack.

Air Force Aircraft Fact Sheets
Fact sheets about United States Air Force aircraft, including photos, descriptions, charactoristics, and capabilities.

Air Force Aircraft
Pictures, descriptions, and specifications of almost every aircraft the U.S. Air Force has "officially" flown.

Air Force Weapons
Fact sheets about United States Air Force missiles and bombs, including descriptions, photos, charactoristics, and capabilities.

Aircraft Flying Rates
The average cost per hour that it costs to fly various Air Force aircraft.

B-1B Bomber - Power, Speed, Lethality
The B-1 Lancer isn’t just another aircraft. Because for all its sleek good looks, it’s a heavy bomber that can go a long way to put bombs on target. The swept-wing bomber delivers — capable of flying from stateside bases to targets half a world away or launching from forward operating locations for extended engagements.

Bombers in Action
B-1Bs, B-52s, and B-2s in action.

Desert Hawk UAV
Not every unmanned aerial vehicle in the sky in Iraq is a Predator. The 332nd Expeditionary Security Forces Squadron is using its “Desert Hawk” UAV in Iraq, providing an extra set of eyes in the sky for looking for potential terrorists and criminals.

Fighters in Action
Air Force A-10s, F-15s, F-16s, and F-117A's in action. Photos are not copyrighted, and may be freely downloaded or redistributed.

Fighters in Action II
More U.S. Air Force Fighters in Action. Photos may be freely copied or downloaded.

F-22 Operational Tests
Operational testing on the F/A-22 Raptor began April 29 (2004) when the first two-ship sortie was flown and tested by members of the F/A-22 Combined Test Force at Edwards Air Force Base, California. Air Force bases nationwide are gearing up for the phase following the initial operational test and evaluation. ACC will receive the first...

F-22 Raptor
Photos, information, and news about the Air Force's future tactical fighter aircraft.

Future of Flight
Pilots maneuver aircraft by thought. Helmet-mounted heads-up displays project a virtual reality “soundscape” of the battlefield. Air Force scientists and others say the dreams of the future are only a few microchips away from reality.

JSTARS - Joint Surveillance Target Attack Radar System
The joint surveillance target attack radar system flies overhead to give Army ground commanders an aerial view of the battlefield. The canoe-shaped radome on the underside of the plane offers a unique capability to see through cover of darkness in all kinds of weather.

Munitions Costs
Costs per item that the Air Force estimates for various munitions.

The Predator (Air Force Unmanned Arial Vehicle, or UAV) was first used exclusively for reconnaissance missions. But now, it has proven itself as an effective combat weapon, as well.

Discription, photos, and charactoristics of the Air Force's Predator UAV.

U-2 Reconnaissance Aircraft
Maj. Denis Steele flew his U-2 “Dragon Lady” aircraft 70,000 feet over Iraq. Done with his reconnaissance mission, he started his decent and flew into a hot desert storm.

Wild Weasels
The mentality of the F-16CJ pilot. A Scud hunter. A radar killer. A Wild Weasel. He’s an aviator who can intimidate by mere presence, and close the eyes of an enemy nation’s defenses.

GBU-39 Bomb - Bang For The Buck
An article about the GBU-39 small diameter bomb and its use in modern warfare. The article looks at the move towards smaller munitions in air combat.

CBU-97 Bomb - Targeted Power
An article about the CBU-97 cluster bomb, which can wipe out entire battlefields.

Readers Respond to Military Weapons
Reader shares his thoughts about origins, combat capabilities, and reputation among U.S. soldiers and their adversaries of various military weapons.

Readers Respond to Fighter Aircraft
Reader shares his thoughts about the F-22,the most advanced and expensive fighter fielded by any air force in the world.

Readers Respond to JOINT STARS MISSION
Reader shares his experience with Joint STARS Mission

Reader shares his thoughts about the F-22A Raptor.

Reader shares his thoughts about unmanned aerial reconnaissance vehicles.

Reader shares his experience with the Joint Helmet-Mounted Cueing System.

Reader shares his thoughts about the end of the era of the Peacekeeper intercontinental ballistic missile.

Readers Respond to ROBOTS OF THE AIR FORCE
Reader shares his experience with unmanned robotic platforms.

Reader shares his thoughts about the small diameter bomb and its use in modern warfare.

Readers Respond to CBU-97 BOMB
Reader shares his experience with the CBU-97 Bomb.

Reader shares his experience with aerial gunners.

Readers Respond to CONVOY AIRMEN
Reader shares his experience as a Convoy Airman.

Air Route Surveillance Radar - Monitoring American Skies
An article on the radar system used to monitor and control U.S. airspace.

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