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Medical Examinations


Regulation Number:

Air Force Instruction 48-123




This instruction establishes procedures, requirements, recording, and medical standards for medical examinations given by the Air Force. It prescribes procedures and references the authority for retiring, discharging, or retaining members who, because of physical disability, are unfit to perform their duties. This instruction applies to all applicants for military service, scholarship programs, Air National Guard and the Air Force Reserve.


This publication is not located on the About.com Web Site. It is located on an official Air Force Publications Web Site. Depending on the size of the file, and the speed of your connection, it may take several minutes to download/view.

Publication Link:

Click Here to Download/View Volume 1, General Provisions

Click Here to Download/View Volume 2, Accession and Retention Physicals

Click Here to Download/View Volume 3, Flight and Special Ops Physicals

Click Here to Download/View Volume 4, Special Standards and Requirements

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