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2012 Military Reserve Drill Pay


Drill Pay is part of the total compensation available to National Guard and Reserve soldiers performing drilling and other training duties. A drill period is defined as four (4) hours. Drill Pay for a National Guard or Reserve Soldier depends on the Soldier's length of service and Army rank (most enlisted Soldiers enter the Army as a Private). Army Reserve officers and enlisted Soldiers are eligible for Drill Pay as they serve their weekend and other training duties.

National Guard and Reserve perform a minimum of one weekend drill per month, and two weeks per year of active duty for training. There are four drill periods in one weekend drill.

For training events that last longer than one weekend, Guard/Reserve members receive a prorated Basic Pay. Guard/Reserve members are normally credited with 4 days active duty pay for a weekend duty.

The 2012 drill pay tables reflect an increase of 1.6%.

The Drill Pay tables show monthly Drill Pay based on the standard requirement of one weekend of drill duty per month for National Guard and military.


Reserve Drill Pay- Enlisted Members

Reserve Drill Pay- Warrant Officers

Reserve Drill Pay- Officers

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