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2011 Military Pay Charts

Partial BAH Rates


Updated January 17, 2011

Partial rate Basic Allowance for Housing (BAH) is paid to military members without dependents who are living in government quarters (such as dormitories or barracks), and are not entitled to any other type of housing allowance.

Partial Rate BAH is intended to partially compensate members for living in single-government quarters, as such quarters are generally below the DOD standards for single members living off base and receiving a military housing allowance. In other words, the member isn't giving up his/her entire housing allowance entitlement in exchange for living in on-base quarters and on ships. Like regular BAH, partial rate BAH is not subject to income taxes.

Behow are the Partial BAH rates for calendar year 2011. The rates are effective on January 1, 2011:

2011 Partial BAH

Grade Partial
0-9 $50.70
0-8 $50.70
0-7 $50.70
0-6 $39.60
O-5 $33.00
0-4 $26.70
0-3 $22.20
0-2 $17.70
0-1 $13.20
03E $22.20
02E $17.70
OlE $13.20
W-5 $25.20
W-4 $25.20
W-3 $20.70
W-2 $15.90
W-1 $13.80
E-9 $18.60
E-8 $15.30
E-7 $12.00
E-6 $9.90
E-5 $8.70
E-4 $8.10
E-3 $7.80
E-2 $7.20
E-1 $6.90

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