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2011 Military Pay Charts

Family Separation Allowance


Updated January 09, 2011

FSA is payable when a military member is forced to be separated from his/her family members (dependents, such as spouse and/or children) for longer than 30 calendar days.

"Forced" means that the member is assigned or deployed to a location where his/her family members are not allowed to travel at government expense. Some examples are basic training, military job training of less than six months in duration, overseas deployments (combat and otherwise), or overseas assignments where dependents are not allowed to accompany the member.

There was no raise for FSA in 2011. FSA rates remain the same as they were in 2010.

FSA is a tax-free allowance, and pays $250 per month.

There are certain conditions upon which FSA cannot (by law) be paid. For eligibility details, see the Department of Defense (DOD) Pay Regulation, Volume 7A (Active Duty & Reserve Pay), Chapter 27 -- Family Separation Allowance (FSA).

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