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2011 Military Diving Duty Pay


Updated January 17, 2011

Each branch of service has specific qualification requirements for members to receive Diving Duty Pay. In general, these divers must be designated divers by order, training, and assignment. The entitlement for Diving Duty Pay exists for members receiving basic pay and who are:

  • Ordered to diving duty
  • Required to dive to maintain proficiency
  • Either actually performing diving duty in an assignment as their primary duty, or meeting the requirements to maintain proficiency while serving in an assignment for which diving is required, but not the primary duty.

When members are assigned to diving duty and hazardous duty simultaneously, monthly payments for diving duty are not more than two incentive payments for hazardous duty authorized.

Diving duty pay is a "pay," not an "allowance," and is therefore subject to normal income tax laws, except when earned in a designated combat zone.

2011 Diving Duty Pay

Enlisted Dive Pay Rates Monthly Pay
Student $110
Salvage Diver $175
Diver 1st and 2nd Class $215
Master Diver $340
Officer Dive Pay Rates Monthly Pay
Student $110
Combat Diver $215
Dive Officer $240

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