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U.S. Military Vaccinations - About.com
Vaccinations are a way of life in the U.S. Military. All new recruits (both officer and enlisted) are vaccinated against various diseases during enlisted basic ...
The Vaccination Conundrum - Protocols for Cat Vaccines
Recent years have brought much discussion among veterinarians, breeders, and cat owners on the value, safety, and necessity of some vaccines. The resultant ...
Vaccinations and Travel to Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
Finding out what vaccinations and immunizations you need before you travel to Africa is an important part of planning your trip. This article will help you find out ...
Vaccines for Cats - Which Vaccinations are Commonly Given to Cats?
About vaccination in cats, including which vaccines are commonly given to cats as part of their preventative medicine program.
Recommended and Required Vaccinations for China Travel
Required and recommended vaccinations for travel to China.
Dog and Cat Vaccinations - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
Learn about common vaccinations for dogs and cats, including "core" and "non- core" vaccine recommendations. Also find answers to questions such as ...
Dog and Cat Vaccinations - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
It used to be that dogs and cats were examined and vaccinated every year, as soon as that reminder card came in the mail. In recent years, with the development ...
Vaccines for Dogs - Veterinary Medicine - About.com
About vaccination in dogs, including which vaccines are commonly given to dogs as part of their preventative medicine program.
Recommended Vaccines for Adults - Cold & Flu - About.com
Kids get a lot of vaccinations when they are little, but many parents and other adults forget that they may need immunizations too. Just because you are an adult ...
Guatemala Vaccinations and Health Information for Travelers
Travel vaccinations aren't any fun – nobody likes getting shots, after all – but getting sick during or after your vacation is much worse than a couple pinpricks.
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