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U.S. Military Vaccinations
Vaccinations are a way of life in the U.S. Military. All new recruits (both officer and enlisted) are vaccinated against various diseases during enlisted basic ...
Vaccinations and Travel to Africa - Africa Travel - About.com
Finding out what vaccinations and immunizations you need before you travel to Africa is an important part of planning your trip. This article will help you find out ...
Recommended and Required Vaccinations for China Travel
Required and recommended vaccinations for travel to China.
Nicaragua Vaccinations - Central America Travel - About.com
Nicaragua Vaccinations: Vaccination and immunization information for Nicaragua travelers.
The Vaccination Conundrum - Protocols for Cat Vaccines
In 1996, due to increasing concerns about tumors found at the sites of certain vaccinations, a Vaccine-Associated Feline Sarcoma Task Force (VAFSTF), ...
Shots and Vaccinations for East Europe Travel
While travelers should talk with their doctor about country-specific vaccinations, these vaccinations are recommended for travel to large parts of Eastern Europe.
Guatemala Vaccinations and Health Information for Travelers
Guatemala Vaccinations: Travel vaccinations aren't any fun – nobody likes getting shots, after all – but getting sick during or after your vacation is much worse ...
Panama Vaccinations - Panama Vaccinations for Travelers
Panama Vaccinations: Vaccination and immunization information for Panama travelers.
What Shots Do I Need for China - Vaccinations for China Travel
While no vaccinations are required for a trip to China (except for Yellow Fever if you're arriving from an infected area), it is recommended that you see your ...
Travel Vaccinations for Asia Travel - About.com
Deciding what travel vaccinations to receive can be tricky. Learn the risks, and what vaccinations are suggested and required for Asia.
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