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United States Military Information
All about the United States Military including information on joining the U.S. Military, job descriptions, the enlistment process, commissioning opportunities, ...
U.S. Military Aircraft - About.com
Current and past aircraft used by the various branches of the United States Military.
Weapons of the United States Military - US Military - About.com
Information and resources about weapons currently in use or being tested by the branches of the United States Military, including aircraft, ships, submarines, ...
Fake US Soldiers Robbing Women Online
The US military warns that women around the world are being scammed out of thousands of dollars by persons pretending to be U.S. soldiers.
US Military Budget - US Economy - About.com
The FY 2015 US Military Budget is $495.6 billion, second only to Social Security. The true cost is $738.8 billion. Why it's so high, and how it's grown since 2006.
Can a Non-U.S. Citizen Join the United States Military? - US Military
In order for a non-citizen to enlist in the military, he/she must first be a legal immigrant (with a green card), permamently residing in the United States.
The M14 Rifle Is Still Used by U.S. Soldiers - US Military - About.com
An article about the M14 rifle - its use and development with the U.S. military.
The M9 Bayonet Gives U.S. Soldiers An Edge In Combat Fights
M9 Bayonet Fits M16 Series Rifles And Gives Soldiers An Edge In Combat ... Although not as popular as in the past, the U.S. military still uses bayonets with its  ...
The M9 Pistol - Sidearm of American Soldiers - US Military - About.com
Article explores the M9 pistol and its ongoing role as the standard issue sidearm of American soldiers.
Special Operations Forces -- U.S. Military
A U.S. Army Special Forces soldier shows a new recruit of the Afghan National Army how to wear his new uniform at the Afghan National Army training site in ...
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