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U.S. Military Beret History - About.com
Military forces have worn distinctive uniform items for centuries to create a psychological advantage and boost their esprit de corps, but the United States Military ...
US Military Enlistment Standards - Criminal History
The United States Military Services make every attempt to assess the moral quality of potential recruits, and several categories of moral offenses may preclude ...
The History of American Military Rank - US Military - About.com
In the U.S. Military services, rank determines who gets to tell whom what to do. The higher one's rank the more authority (and responsibility) they have.
What Are Army Criminal History Waivers? - US Military - About.com
Nobody has a right to serve in the United States Army. Federal law and Department of Defense directives give the military services significant leeway in ...
Military Criminal History (Moral) Waivers - US Military - About.com
Criminal history (moral) waivers are very much an individual thing, and depends on several individual factors.
History of the Draft - US Military - About.com
Background of Selective Service. For more than 50 years, Selective Service and the registration requirement for America's young men have served as a backup ...
Where can I find information about US Military history?
The About.com U.S. Military Information Site is primarily designed to provide information and ... We possess very little information in the area of Military History .
Insignia of Grade, Enlisted Personnel - U.S. Military
army background, military insignia, mark of distinction, first sergeant, army ... castle town, u s army, men at arms, badge of honor, war department, lozenge, ...
Criminal History Waivers for Joining the Marine Corps ... - US Military
As with the other services, the United States Marine Corps and United States Navy screen applicants for "moral qualifications" (criminal history). This is done: a .
History of Taps in the Military - US Military - About.com
Of all the military bugle calls, none is so easily recognized or more apt to render emotion than Taps. Up to the Civil War, the traditional call at day's end was a ...
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