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Chemical Warfare Weapons Fact Sheets - Sarin - GB Nerve Agent
Description. Sarin was developed in 1938 in Germany as a pesticide. Its name is derived from the names of the chemists involved in its creation: Schrader, ...
Chemical Weapons: Deadly and Controversial
One of the most deadly chemical weapons is sarin gas. Five hundred times more lethal than cyanide, sarin attacks the nervous system and has been known to ...
U.S. Military Chemical Warfare Protection
Many nations have a considerable variety of lethal and incapacitating chemical agents and the means to deliver them. Here's how the United States Military ...
Sarin Chemical Structure
This is the chemical structure of sarin. Page 87. ... chemical structure of sarin. Todd Helmenstine. The molecular formula for sarin is C4H10FO2P. Previous Next.
How Sarin Gas Works - Sarin Gas Facts - Chemistry - About.com
Sarin is an organophosphate nerve agent or nerve gas. Here's a look at how it works and how exposure to Sarin is treated.
1995: Aum Shinrikyo Tokyo Subway Gas Attack
At 8:15 on the morning of March 20, 1995, three Tokyo subway lines were simultaneously permeated by a lethal gas called sarin. The gas had been placed on ...
Sarin Gas Attack in Tokyo Subway - 20th Century History - About.com
On March 20, 1995, members of the Aum Shinrikyo religious cult orchestrated a coordinated sarin gas attack on subway trains in Tokyo, Japan. The sarin gas ...
How Do Chemical Weapons Smell? - Chemistry - About.com
... Phosgene Oxime - blister agent with an irritating smell, though somewhat of mown hay or cut green corn; Sarin - extremely toxic odorless nerve agent ...
Sarin - Chemistry - About.com
Gallery Index: Chemical Weapons. Sarin. By Anne Marie Helmenstine, Ph.D. Sarin. Ad. Sarin. A. M. Helmenstine. Previous Next. More About Chemical Weapons.
Introduction to Biodiesel - About.com Energy Site
Guest author Dr. Amit Sarin provides a brief introduction to biodiesel.
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