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Navy Uniform History - US Military - About.com
NAVY COLORS-- 27 August 1802 the Secretary of the Navy signed an instruction which set a pattern for the dress of the U.S. Navy in Blue and Gold. UNIFORM ...
Navy Uniform Trivia - US Military - About.com
military creases, combat aircrew, ceremonial uniforms, chief of naval operations, leather flight jackets, weather coat, blue coats, collateral duty, navy uniform, ... Coast Guard Uniform History · Air Force Dress and Appearance -- Part I, Ge...
Coast Guard Uniform History - US Military - About.com
Detailed history of the uniforms of the U.S. Coast Guard, Revenue Service, Lighthouse ... There was even disagreement in the navy concerning this uniform.
Navy Traditions - Uniforms - US Military - About.com
Uniforms. Prior to 1817, files of the Navy Department show no regulations providing for enlisted men's ... Index. Information Courtesy of Naval Historical Center ...
New Navy Work Uniforms? - US Military - About.com
The Navy Working Uniform (NWU) concepts offer four variations to be tested in the fleet. Each variation offers a combination of different patterns, dominant colors  ...
Navy Uniform Regulation Changes - US Military - About.com
The Navy's Task Force Uniform (TFU) has announced some significant changes to ... Coast Guard Uniform History · When Marine Corps Retirees and Veterans ...
United States Navy - US Military - About.com
United States Navy. Information and resources about the United States Navy, including informative site links, and information pages on history, policies, ...
Wear of the Uniform by Navy Retirees and Veterans - US Military
Retired military members and certain honorably discharged veterans may wear the US Military uniform on certain occasions.
Navy Frocking - US Military - About.com
The below information is from the Naval Historical Center: ... a popular fashion for men in the early 19th century and was quickly adopted for military uniforms.
Personnel Index - U.S. Military - Net Links - About.com
History and interesting trivia about U.S. Military rank and insignia. Rank & Insignia ... Interesting tidbits of history concerning various Naval uniform items. Uniform ...
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