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DOD (Military) Urinalysis (Drug Test) Program
DoD labs test 60000 urine samples each month. All active duty members must undergo a urinalysis at least once per year. Members of the Guard and Reserves  ...
Department of Defense (DOD) Drug Tests - US Military - About.com
A general description of the Department of Defense (DOD) drug testing policy for united states military personnel.
Department of Defense (DOD) Drug Tests - US Military - About.com
The Defense Department is continuing its anti-drug efforts with a new policy that involves more frequent random testing of active duty military, reservists and ...
U.S. Military FAQ -- Does the military conduct drug tests? How often?
The military has a zero-tolerance policy for illegal drug use. The military services conduct several types of no-notice urinalysis drug testing. Positive results on ...
Drug Test (Positive) Waiver and Waiting Periods - US Military
Individuals applying to join the active duty Army, the Army Reserves, and Army National Guard are given a drug test as part of their medical physical at the ...
Drug Testing for Deployed Troops - US Military - About.com
The Defense Department has increased drug testing for troops stationed in the U.S. Central Command area of operations (Iraq and Afghanistan).
Air Force Targets Drug Tests - US Military - About.com
WASHINGTON -- A recent change to the Air Force's drug testing program aims to further reduce the number of substance abusers by targeting Airmen most likely ...
MEPS - US Military - About.com
The primary job of MEPS is to determine, under military regulations, policies, and federal law, ... You will take a blood and urine test (including a test for drugs).
Air Force Basic Training Drug Testing - US Military - About.com
You'll have to undergo a urinalysis test within 72 hours of arrival at Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT).
Military Entrance Processing Station - MEPS - US Military - About.com
MEPS stands for Military Entrance Processing Station, and is where your real ... Your day will include a urinalysis (drug test), medical exam, eye test, hearing test  ...
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