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Military Career Information - US Military - About.com
Here you will find such essential Military career information, such as promotions, commissioning programs, Military law and justice, assignments, and dress and ...
Hardest and Easiest Military Jobs -- Readers Respond - US Military
What readers think are the hardest and easiest military careers.
What the Recruiter Never Told You -- Introduction - US Military
In fact, few military personnel put in more hours of work per week than recruiters. The recruiter's job is to find enough qualified volunteers to fill projected ...
Military Careers - About.com
The Latest in Military Careers ... Career Profile: Army CH-47 Helicopter Repairer · The Army's ... Career Profile: Army Air Traffic Control Equipment Repairer.
United States Military Information
All about the United States Military including information on joining the U.S. Military, job descriptions, the enlistment process, commissioning opportunities, ...
Joining the Military
The Army and Marine Corps calls their enlisted jobs "MOS's" (Military Occupation Specialties). The Navy and Coast Guard refer to their enlisted jobs as "ratings.
Enlisted Military Police Career Overview - Military Careers - About.com
Discover what it takes to enlist in the military police, including Navy Master-at- Arms and Air Force Security Forces, and how it might (or might not) give you a ...
31D CID Special Agent - Military Careers - US Military - About.com
Job descriptions and qualification factors for United States Army Enlisted Jobs ( Military Occupation Specialties). On this page, all about 31D -- Criminal ...
US Military Career Profiles - Military Careers - About.com
In these in-depth profiles of careers in the US Military, you'll learn about each job's requirements, education, duties and responsibilities, and more. We'll also ...
Military Enlisted Jobs - US Military - About.com
There are more than 800 different types of enlisted jobs available in the various branches of the United States Military.
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