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United States Military Careers from About.com
Everything you need to know about joining the U.S. Military, job descriptions, the enlistment process, commissioning opportunities, and much more.
Joining the Military - US Military - About.com
Many people believe joining the U.S. Military is simply a matter of going to the ... Basic Military Training - Air Guard/Flickr .... Criminology Careers Expert.
31D CID Special Agent - Military Careers - US Military - About.com
Job descriptions and qualification factors for United States Army Enlisted Jobs ( Military Occupation Specialties). On this page, all about 31D -- Criminal ...
Military Careers - About.com
United Services Military Apprenticeship Program (USMAP) ... The Latest in Military Careers ... Share. Soldier standing at military base, close-up - Sean Murphy ...
Military Careers for Gifted Children - Pros and Cons of Military Careers
Is a military career right for your gifted son or daughter? Here are some pros and cons to help you decide.
Military Law Enforcement Careers - Criminology Careers - About.com
The U.S. military has a large law enforcement infrastructure which includes both civilian and military police, as well as special investigators. These careers offer ...
Overview of Journalism Careers in the Military - Military Careers
What does a journalist do in the military? An awful lot, apparently. Read on to learn about the variety of career paths available to journalists in all branches of the ...
Military Medical Careers - Health Careers
The United States military offers hundreds of medical jobs, from medics to physicians, and everything in between, including nurses and allied health careers.
Enlisted Military Police Career Overview - Military Careers - About.com
Discover what it takes to enlist in the military police, including Navy Master-at- Arms and Air Force Security Forces, and how it might (or might not) give you a ...
Military Counseling Careers - Military Careers - About.com
Contrary to popular belief, not every problem in the military is solved by screaming obscenities. Discover some career paths that take the softer, gentler ...
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