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M-107 Long Range Sniper Rifle - US Military - About.com
The Army has approved its new long-range .50-caliber sniper rifle, the M-107, for full materiel release to Soldiers in the field. The M107 was funded as a Soldier ...
Bradley Fighting Vehicle - US Military - About.com
It has medium- and long-range firepower capable of defeating any vehicle on the ... M-107 Long Range Sniper Rifle · EOD Robots · The Gator -- The New ...
Stryker Armored Vehicle - US Military - About.com
Future Warrior -- The Army's Future Combat System · Army Weapons & Equipment · M-107 Long Range Sniper Rifle · M1A1 Abrams Tank · Bradley Fighting ...
Guns, Firearms, Projectile Weapon Sports: Sniper Rifle/Scopes ...
Feb 12, 2004 ... military sniper rifles, modern sniper rifles, sniper scope: Dear Michael, ... On The Frontlines By U.S. Soldiers · M-107 Long Range Sniper Rifle ...
Military Sniper Rifles for Civilians - Weapons - About.com
Competitive long-range shooters also favor the M82 because of its accuracy to 1,000 yards or more. Due to the ... The new model is the Barrett M107. A civilian ...
Army Weapons - US Military - About.com
The article looks at the intended purpose of the M203 grenade launcher and its role as an attachment to assault rifles such as the M16. The article also explores  ...
SIG Hammerli Trailside 22 Semi-Auto Pistol Review - Hunting
Actually, I'm doing the Trailside an injustice by calling it a .75-inch gun. ... so the gun can be fired with the magazine removed as long as there is a cartridge in the chamber. ... to do some serious benchrest work at a more demanding distance.
Childhood Shooting Accidents - Frequent, Preventable - Pediatrics
Aug 2, 2014 ... The typical gun safety advice that you will get from your pediatrician ... Connor, Susan M. "They're Too Smart for That": Predicting What Children Would Do in the Presence of Guns. ... Pediatrics, Jun 2001; 107: 1247 - 125...

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