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68W - Health Care Specialist (Combat Medic)
The Health Care Specialist is primarily responsible for providing emergency medical treatment, limited primary care and health protection and evacuation from a ...
68X - Mental Health Specialist - US Military - About.com
The Mental Health Specialist, an important member of the Army health care team, assists with the management and treatment of inpatient and outpatient mental ...
4C0X1 - MENTAL HEALTH SERVICE - US Military - About.com
Manages mental health service resources and activities. ... Why Mental Health Specialists are Important in the Army · Mountain Crest of Fort Collins CO · Dual ...
Career Profile: Army Health Care Specialist (Medic) - Military Careers
When you hear the call for "Medic!" in the Army, it's actually shorthand for Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) 68W, Health Care Specialist. (That'd be a ...
Career Profile: Mental Health Specialist - Military Careers - About.com
Servicemembers around the world need physical and spiritual care, but many ... more syllables, calls airmen in career field 4C "mental health service specialists.
Animal Care Specialist - Military Career 68T - Animal Careers
Animal care specialists are soldiers who provide health care for military animals.
68T - Animal Care Specialist - US Military - About.com
On this page, all about 68T - Animal Care Specialist. ... Initiates and maintains animal health records, immunization records, animal registration files, animal bite  ...
Field 68 - Medical CMF - Army Job Descriptions
68T - Animal Care Specialist. 68U- Ear, Nose and Throat (ENT) Specialist (add 1304/1110-04). 68V - Respiratory Specialist. 68W - Health Care Specialist.
Career Profile: Army Patient Administration Specialist
Army patient administrators provide the link between healthcare and business operations, and get schooled for a future career in the process.
Medical & Emergency Careers-Medical Specialist Corps Officer--65
As a member of the Medical Specialist Corps, you'll have a continuing opportunity for higher education within your field as a member of the Army Health Care ...
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