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What the Recruiter Never Told You -- Introduction - US Military
All about meeting the recruiter, the military enlistment contract, enlistment incentives, the enlistment process, ... It becomes a "he said/he said" type of deal.
Top 10 Lies (Some) Military Recruiters Tell - US Military - About.com
Some military recruiters lie. ... It happens because military recruiting is a numbers -game. ... It's still not a bad deal, but not the 50 percent some are promised.
Only in New York -- Military Recruiting in Times Square - US Military
So, one of the recruiters from the Armed Forces Recruiting Station in Times ... [for Times Square] we need a razor-sharp Marine who can also deal with the public ...
Professional Recruiter Dos and Don'ts - Health Careers - About.com
Tips for working with your recruiter and maximizing results, as well as what to avoid ... not realistic based on the volume of candidates each recruiter is handling.
Book Review: Corporate Recruiter Tells All - Sales - About.com
Corporate Recruiter Tells All is a book about the job search process, as observed by ... Lots of useful advice for dealing with recruiters and hiring managers
Working With Recruiters (What Is a Recruiter, Really?)
Corporate recruiters are employed by a company for the purpose of finding and qualifying new employees for the organization. Third party recruiters are ...
How to Handle an Informal Interview - Job Searching - About.com
How to handle an informal interview with a recruiter, including how to prepare, what to wear, what to bring, questions to ask and how to follow up.
Career Profile of Healthcare / Medical Recruiters - Health Careers
A recruiter spends a great deal of time, several hours per day, on the phone interviewing and pre-qualifying potential candidates and applicants. Therefore a  ...
How to Find a Recruiter - Job Searching - About.com
Recruiters work to find qualified candidates for employers and, if you're job searching, a connection with a recruiter ... 6 rules for Dealing with Holidays at Work.
Employment Recruiters - Job Searching - About.com
Information on employment recruiters including types of recruiters, how to find a recruiter, how to select a recruiter ... 6 rules for Dealing with Holidays at Work.
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