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Combat Flight Simulators on the PC - US Military - About.com
Top Picks - Military Combat Flight Simulator Computer Games.
Combat Field - US Military - About.com
The Combat field involves Army reconnaissance, security and other aspects of both offensive and defensive combat situations. Jobs include artillery specialists,  ...
Air Force Combat Controller Training - US Military - About.com
Combat controllers set up air traffic control and perform close air support in remote locations. And it takes some time to groom them — more than 24 months from ...
Air Force Combat Controllers - Shoot, Move, Communicate
For combat controllers, a 'day at the office' isn't a cup of coffee and the morning paper — it's more like a jump in the drink and making the news.
1C2X1 - COMBAT CONTROL - US Military - About.com
Air Force enlisted job descriptions and qualification factors. 1C2X1 - COMBAT CONTROL.
Combat Zones and Immiment Danger Pay (Combat Pay) - US Military
A member assigned to or deployed to a combat zone receives "combat pay" ( officially called "immiment danger pay") at the rate of $225.00 per month. In some  ...
U.S. Military -- Military Death Benefits -- U.S. Military
military death gratuity, legal designation, deceased member, eligible beneficiaries, hostile actions, hazardous duty, combat operation, death benefits, claim form, ...
Marine Corps Jobs - MOS 1302 - Combat Engineer Officer
Qualificaiton factors and job description for Marine Corps Officer Jobs. MOS 1302 -- Combat Engineer Officer.
US Military Combat (Imminent Danger) Pay Regulations 2012
A member assigned to or deployed to a combat zone receives combat pay. Being assigned to or working in a combat zone triggers also triggers a tax advantage.
Band Members in Combat Zones - US Military - About.com
They learned how to shoot in close quarters combat style, maneuver in patrols and vehicle convoys and handle insurgent detainees. All of the training, ...
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