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Army Weapons - US Military - About.com
Information and resources about various weapon systems used by the United States Army., from your About.com Guide.
New Army Infantry Weapons - US Military - About.com
New weapons systems being tested by the Army for Infantry.
U.S. Army Weapons & Equipment - Guns - US Military - About.com
United States Army weapons and equipment, including photos and descriptions of guns, pistols and automatic weapons.
Weapons of the United States Military - US Military - About.com
The Army and Marines are rushing to get enough body armor into Iraq and Afghanistan by December (2003) for everyone who needs it, as fast as it comes off ...
United States Military Weapons of War - US Military - About.com
Small Arms. The basics of basics are the small arms weapons used by the individual infantryman. Here are the basic small arms used by the United States Army:.
U.S. Army Fact File - M-24 Sniper Weapons SystemE Rifle - US Military
Photo and description of the United States Army's M24 Sniper Weapons System ( SWS)
U.S. Army Fact Fact File - Army Equipment and Weapons - US Military
United States Army weapons and equipment, including photos and descriptions of aircraft, reconnaissance equipment, armor, missiles, nbc gear mine-related ...
Weapons Used in Basic Combat Training - US Military - About.com
In basic combat training, recruits of the Army, Air Force , and Marine Corp will fire this weapon. In Navy Recruit Training, you'll fire a computerized simulator of ...
U.S. Army Fact File - M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
Photo and description of the United States Army's , M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
Weapons and - US Military - About.com
Part 1: Weapons and Equipment of the Infantry and Special Ops (Page 2) ... As with other Army weapons, competition proved the M-9 to be the best sidearm.
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