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Army Weapons - US Military - About.com
Information and resources about various weapon systems used by the United States Army., from your About.com Guide.
U.S. Army Weapons & Equipment - Guns
United States Army weapons and equipment, including photos and descriptions of guns, pistols and automatic weapons.
New Army Infantry Weapons - US Military - About.com
New weapons systems being tested by the Army for Infantry.
United States Military Weapons of War - US Military - About.com
In Part I of this article, we discuss some of the weapons and equipment used by U.S. Military ... Here are the basic small arms used by the United States Army:.
U.S. Army Fact File - M-24 Sniper Weapons SystemE Rifle
Photo and description of the United States Army's M24 Sniper Weapons System ( SWS)
Weapons of the United States Military - US Military - About.com
Information and resources about weapons currently in use or being tested by the ... Enemy Weapons (2) · U.S. Military Aircraft (303) · Army Weapons (83) ...
Weapons Used in Basic Combat Training - US Military - About.com
A description of the weapons used to train United States Military memebers ... They're followed by the Army , the Air Force , the Navy , and finally, the Coast ...
Army E-5/E-6 Enlisted Administrative Promotion Points - US Military
Administrative points awarded for various criteria for the Army Enlisted ... Soldiers assigned to an organization without weapons can use their latest qualification.
Your suggestion is on its way! - US Military - About.com
Part 1: Weapons and Equipment of the Infantry and Special Ops (Page 2) ... As with other Army weapons, competition proved the M-9 to be the best sidearm.
U.S. Army Fact File - M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW)
Photo and description of the United States Army's , M-249 Squad Automatic Weapon (SAW) ... United States Army Weapons & Equipment. M-249 Squad ...
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