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Enlistment Standards - US Military - About.com
Here are some of the general standards applicable for enlistment in the United States ... Army recruiter with potential candidate - Chris Hondros/Getty Images ...
US Military Enlistment Standards - Height/Weight
Height and weight standards for enlistment in the US Military. ... Army Weight Chart - Females Navy Weight Chart - Male/Female Marine Corps Weight Chart - ...
US Military Enlistment Standards -- Age Limits
For the Army and Air National National Guard, the maximum age for prior service enlistment is 59, as long as the member has enough years of prior service to be ...
US Military Enlistment Standards -- Citizenship
US Military Enlistment Standards ... oath of enlistment - ** RCB **/Flikr/CC BY 2.0 ... Army recruiter with potential candidate - Chris Hondros/Getty Images ...
US Military Enlistment Standards -- Education
For enlistment purposes, the military breaks education into three overall categories: Tier 1, Tier ... Enlisting Soldiers in the US Army - USACE HQ/Flikr/CC BY 2.0.
Medical Standards for Entry Into the US Armed Forces - US Military
Military Medical Standards for Enlistment, Appointment, or Induction. Main Menu. By Rod ... The information is derived from Army Regulation 40-501, Chapter 2.
US Military Enlistment Standards -- Dependents
Army: The Army requires a waiver if the applicant has two or more dependents (in addition to the spouse). Coast Guard: The Coast Guard requires a waiver if ...
US Military Enlistment Standards - Medical Standards
In order to qualify for enlistment in the US Military, you must first travel to a ... Instead, they are a joint command (managed primarily by the Army), who work ...
US Military Enlistment Standards - Criminal History
US Military Enlistment Standards. Criminal History. By Rod Powers .... Army recruiter with potential candidate - Chris Hondros/Getty Images News/Getty Images.
US Military Enlistment Standards - Single Parents
Single Parents are not allowed to enlist in the US Military, period. Except for the Army National Guard, waiver approvals are very, very, very rare, and most ...
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