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An Overview of the Air Force Fitness Test - US Military - About.com
The Air Force fitness program was established on January 1, 2004. This program replaces the annual ergo-cycle test that the Air Force had used for several ...
Air Force Fitness Componant Points - Females
Point charts for the new Air Force Physical Fitness Program (effective Jan 04) for males.
Air Force Fitness Program - US Military - About.com
The new Air Force Fitness Test requirements take effect on January 1, 2010. ... The muscular fitness components, including pushups and sit-ups, may be ...
Air Force Aerobic Fitness Points for Females Under Age 25
Point charts for the new Air Force Physical Fitness Program (effective Jan 04) for Females.
The New Air Force Fitness Test, Effective January 1, 2010 - US Military
Jan 1, 2010 ... The Air Force Chief of Staff has approved several changes to the Air Force Physical Fitness Test (AFPFT), which will be effective in January ...
Air Force Fitness Program, Strength Test, Male, Age 30-39
The Air Force strength componants of the fitness test consists of pushup and sit- up repetions, each with a one minute time limit (with a 3-minute rest between ...
Air Force Fitness Test - US Military - About.com
Readers respond to changes to the Air Force Fitness Test.
Air Force Ergometry Cycle Fitness Test - Truths and Myths - US Military
All others will run 1.5 miles as part of the new Air Force Fitness Requirements. You would think it's a Las Vegas casino with millions of dollars waiting to be ...
Air Force Basic Training Initial Fitness Standards - US Military
Air Force officials highly recommend you be able to meet these minimum fitness standards when you arrive at basic. This isn't mandatory, but it'll make you life ...
Air Force Basic Training Fitness Standards - US Military - About.com
In order to graduate from Air Force Basic Military Training (AFBMT), you must pass a physical fitness test, shown on the bottom of this page. The test consists of a ...
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