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Small Diameter Bombs Give The U.S. Air Force More Bangs For The ...
An article about the GBU-39 small diameter bomb and its use in modern warfare. The article looks at the move towards smaller munitions in air combat.
Air Force Weapons - US Military - About.com
Military Weapons - United States Air Force. ... An Air Force Special Forces AC- 130 gunship in an undated photo, which was ... Imagine a 30,000 pound bomb!
MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Burst) - US Military - About.com
Facts and figures about the United States Air Force, Air Force organizations, ... Ordnance Air Burst) bomb, quite literally the largest non-nuclear bomb in the ...
Air Force Enlisted Job Descriptions - US Military - About.com
Air Force enlisted job descriptions and qualification factors. ... Manages, controls, maintains, and installs aircraft bomb, rocket, and missile release, launch, ...
Air Force B-1b Bomber - Power, Speed, Lethality - US Military
It has proven its worth over Afghanistan where it has been one of the Air Force workhorses. Its accurate bomb runs are part of the reason the Taliban and al ...
Air Force K-9 Dogs in Iraq - US Military - About.com
Working as a team, a dog and handler's typical day averages 13 to 14 hours working air-base defense and force protection. The military working dog teams ...
Trip to Air Force Basic Training Graduation "cont" - US Military
Oh, and when the basic training band was playing while the Airmen were marching down the Bomb Run – there was a C-5 taking off in the background and 2 ...
U.S. Military Weapons of War (Part 2) - About.com
Primary Function: Air-to-surface guided glide bomb. ... The Daisy Cutter was first used by the Air Force in the final year of U.S. involvement in the Vietnam War for  ...
U.S. Military Weapons of War (Part 2) - About.com
The BLU-107/B DURANDAL is a French made runway penetration bomb used for cratering ... JDAM is a joint U. S. Air Force and Department of Navy program.
Air Force Munitions Aquisition Costs - US Military - About.com
The cost of various Air Force munitions, as of January 2001. ... SIMULATOR AIR BURST M74 A1. L366, $17.32 ... SIGNAL PRAC BOMB MK4 MOD 3.
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