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What Is Active Duty? - US Military - About.com
Learn the definition of active duty as used by the U.S. military. Includes other common military glossary terms.
Transfering from Guard/Reserve to Active Duty
Information and procedures about transfering from the National Guard or Reserve Military Forces to the Active Duty Forces.
Transfer to Active Duty for Demobilized Army Reservists - US Military
Soldiers may apply to transfer from the RC to Regular Army within six months of their projected demobilization or release from active-duty date to include time at ...
After I Get Out, Can I Be Recalled to Active Duty? - US Military
For example, if one enlists for four years active duty in the Army, and then gets out, he/she is placed in the IRR and is subject to recall to active duty for four more  ...
Active Duty - US Military - About.com
SBP is a monthly annuity paid by the military to the surviving spouse or, in some cases, eligible children, of a member who dies on active duty. The initial annuity ...
Transferring from Guard/Reserve to Active Duty
Have you transferred from the National Guard or Reserves to active duty? Share your experiences. Page 2.
U. S. Military Definitions – Active Duty For Training
Glossary of United States Military words and phrases. Active Duty For Training.
Transfer From Active Duty to National Guard or Reserves - US Military
In some cases, active duty members may request an early discharge in order to join the National Guard or Reserves.
Shortest Period of Time I Can Enlist in the Military? - US Military
Whatever amount of time is not spent on active duty (which is full-time duty) or spent in the Drilling Guard/Reserves (those who drill one weekend per month, and ...
initial active duty for training - US Military - About.com
Glossary of United States Military words and phrases – – initial active duty for training.
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