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What Is Active Duty? - US Military - About.com
Learn the definition of active duty as used by the U.S. military. Includes other common military glossary terms.
Transfering from Guard/Reserve to Active Duty
Information and procedures about transfering from the National Guard or Reserve Military Forces to the Active Duty Forces.
After I Get Out, Can I Be Recalled to Active Duty? - US Military
For example, if one enlists for four years active duty in the Army, and then gets out, he/she is placed in the IRR and is subject to recall to active duty for four more  ...
Transfer to Active Duty for Demobilized Army Reservists - US Military
Soldiers may apply to transfer from the RC to Regular Army within six months of their projected demobilization or release from active-duty date to include time at ...
Active Duty Death Entitlements - US Military
Family members of military personnel who die while serving on active duty, active duty for training (ADT), or initial duty training (IDT) may be eligible for several ...
Transferring from Guard/Reserve to Active Duty
Have you transferred from the National Guard or Reserves to active duty? Share your experiences. Page 2.
U. S. Military Definitions – Active Duty For Training
Glossary of United States Military words and phrases. Active Duty For Training.
Transfer From Active Duty to National Guard or Reserves - US Military
In some cases, active duty members may request an early discharge in order to join the National Guard or Reserves.
Political Activities by Military Personnel - US Military - About.com
DOD encourages active duty military members to vote, and has established several programs to help active duty personnel to register and cast absentee ballots.
U. S. Military Definitions – Active Duty For Special Work
Definition: (DOD) A tour of active duty for reserve personnel authorized from military and reserve personnel appropriations for work on active or reserve ...
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