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Surviving Navy Boot Camp
Recruit Petty Officers
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Recruit Religious Petty Officers (RPO)

There will be at least a Catholic and Protestant RPO appointed for each division. If a division has three or more recruits of the same religion, a religious petty officer shall be appointed to represent that faith. RPOs are responsible for:

1. Ensuring all recruits who desire to pray are afforded such an opportunity at tattoo

2. Attend mandatory meetings at the Chaplain's Office Thursdays at 1900 commencing on the first Thursday following 1-2 DOT (Day of Training) and continuing until graduation, with the exception of FAST Cruise and Recruit Reception Night.

3. Report to the chapel each Sunday 30 rninutes prior to the scheduled service to serve as a chapel assist or usher.

4. Ensure all personnel desiring to attend divine worship services are aware of location and time of services.

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