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Boot Camp Challenge
Part 6 - The First Training Day
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Boot Camp Challenge
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Welcome to the Boot Camp Challenge, an interactive story designed to take you through some of the thrills and spills of military basic training.

For the sake of simplicity, our adventure takes place in a hypothetical near-future, where members of all the services (Army, Air Force, Navy, Marines, and Coast Guard) attend the same military boot camp. While this is a work of fiction, actual situations, scenarios, and experiences have been used from all of the current U.S. Military basic training courses. Your task, in this and future episodes, will be to successful navigate your way to completion.

Wake Up!

CLANG! CLANG! BAM! BAM! "Get up, you lazy SOBs! Up! Out of those racks right now! Up! Move it! Move it! Move it!"

What in the hell is going on? Is it an attack? Is the U.S. being invaded? Is there a fire? You just closed your eyes a couple of minutes ago!

"It's 0400, you lazy cows! Time to move! Move! We do more before 9:00 A.M., then you lazy bastards have done in your entire lives! Move! Up! Get your lazy butts up, now!" CLANG! CLANG! BAM! BAM!


Roll Over, swat your arm to hit the snooze button, and go back to sleep
Yell, "Knock off the racket! I'm trying to sleep!
Jump out of the bunk to stand at attention in front of it


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