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Chat with Dale Dye

On January 20, 2000, the About.com U.S. Military Site had the distict pleasure of hosting an online chat with Vietnam war hero and best-selling military author, Dale Dye.

Dale Dye is the author of five military novels, including Run Between the Raindrops, Outrage, Platoon, Conduct Unbecoming, and Duty & Dishonor.

DALE DYE was born October 8, 1944 in Cape Girardeau, Missouri. He graduated as a cadet officer from Missouri Military Academy and enlisted in the United States Marine Corps in January 1964. He served in Vietnam in 1965 and 1967 through 1970, participating in 31 major combat operations, earning several decorations, including three Purple Hearts. In 1976 Dye was selected to attend Officer Candidate School and received an appointment as a Warrant Officer. He later was awarded a commission as a Captain when he was assigned to Beirut with the Multinational Peacekeeping Force in 1982-83.

After his retirement from the USMC, Dye accepted a position with Soldier of Fortune Magazine, traveling to El Salavador and Nicaragua, reporting, and training troops in guerrilla warfare tactics. He has a Bachelor of Arts Degree in English from the University of Maryland. His military decorations include the Bronze Star with "V" for Valor, three Purple Hearts, the Meritorious Service Medal, Two Navy Commendation Medals with Combat "V" Devices, the Navy Achievement Medal with Combat "V" Device, the Joint Service Commendation Medal, the Air Force Commendation Medal, the Combat Action Ribbon, the Vietnamese Honor Medal 1st Class, and the Vietnamese Cross of Gallantry.

Dye is currently living in Hollywood where he is preparing for yet another Steven Spielberg and Tom Hands-produced World War II epic based on Stephen Ambrose's book, Band of Brothers.

Below is the log of our Chat:

Transcript dyechat.log for #usmilitary

Log file dyechat.log for
Chat room #usmilitary

ewflint Good evening, sir
CampCQB Mr. Dye this Mike..CampCQB congrats on your site
usmilitaryADM We're ready to start whenever you are, Capt Dye
MilitaryForces hey mr. dye
Michele Hello Mr. Dye
DaleDye Ok Fire At Will
chfields hello mr dye
usmilitaryADM Okay, folks.....we're about to shift to the moderated mode.......
DaleDye ok
usmilitaryADM That means, to ask a question, you'll have to type in *page.....
usmilitaryADM and then type the question into the window that appears.
usmilitaryADM Okay, folks.......we're ready for any questions
DaleDye ok
usmilitaryADM From Thang: Rules of Engagement has finished shooting...last I saw was a release date of April 2000
usmilitaryADM But now it is no longer carried on IMDB, is there a name change and is it still planned for realease?
DaleDye No name change. We are currently testing the waters for the film. Its time has come and our director
DaleDye William Friedkin intends to release in april unless events change.
usmilitaryADM From ewflint: For the Band of Brothers project, what type of train-up are you putting the actors through?
DaleDye We'll be shooting in England and Austria begining in April. Prior to that I have two weeks in the field with
DaleDye the Germans, and three weeks with EC Company, 2/506 PIR, 101ABN to get them ready for a great
DaleDye World War Two drama.
usmilitaryADM From Michele - Mr Dye, from your site, you seem unilaterally opposed to the use of the rules of engagement. What do you feel is a viable alternative to turning loose our troops with no guidance?
DaleDye Absolutely, to the contrary. I feel a definite and critical need for "flexiable" Rules Of Engagement in any
DaleDye conflict or situation that could potentally involve conflict.
DaleDye The important thing is for the soldiers who are in harms' way to devise those rules and be allowed to
DaleDye depart from them according to their own good judgement without political interference.

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