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U.S. Military Polls


18 Month Enlistment Plan

Women in Combat

The Draft

Invading Iraq

Which Branch to Eliminate?

On or Off Base Living

Profanity in Basic Training

bin Laden - Dead or Alive?

Recruiter Ethics

Suing the Military

Presidential Report Card

Invading Iraq

Antrax Vaccine

Best Commander-in-Chief

Status of Detainees

Presidential Report Card

Pay and Benefits

Drinking During Deployments

John Walker

bin Laden

Favorite Service

Delayed Enlistment Program

Stop Loss

Trying Terrorists

Presidential Report Card

Who's Next?



Anthrax Letters

Afghanistan Attack

Chemical/Biological Attack

The Draft

Declaration of War

Military Drinking Age

Presidential Report Card

The Gulf

Gays in the Military

Military Personnel Cuts

Co-Ed Basic Training

Favorite Military Service

Using Military to Patrol US Borders

Enlisted to Officer

Quality of Life

Military Drinking Age

Toughest Military Training

Presidential Progress Report

Missile Defense System

Next War

Sen. Bob Kerrey Investigation

Getting Tough with China

Overseas Customs

Eliminating one of the Services

Presidential Progress Report

Use Force Against China?

Military/Civilian Employee Payraise

Criminal Proceedings Against Greenville Captain

Black Berets - Should Congress Get Involved?

Court-Ordered Military Service

Civilians on Military Equipment

Bush's Report Card

Drinking on Deployments

Division of Retired Pay

Freedom of Speech


Who Will Win?

Military Vote

Vietnam Trip

Florida Election Debacle

Favorite Service

Women in the Military

Berets for Everyone

Profanity in Boot Camp

Coed Basic Training

Grading the Commander-in-Chief

Kosovo & Bosnia

Gays in the Military

Presidential Race

Military Readiness


Anti-Recruiting Billboards

Posing Nude

Presidential Election

War Crimes

Permanent U.N. Peacekeeping Force

Medical Treatment for POWs

Adultery in the Military

Jane Fonda

Size of the Military

Missile Defense Technology

UN Peacekeeping

Pilotless Aircraft

Mandatory AA Attendance

Women on Subs

The Draft

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