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U.S. Military Poll

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The Democratic Party issued 8 pages of "instructions" to help Florida Democrats challenge military overseas absentee ballots. The instructions incorrectly stated that military overseas ballots required a postmark. Although this was a mistake, it resulted in several ballots being thrown out.

Did the Democratic Party purposely try and disenfranchise military personnel stationed overseas, or were they just trying to ensure the law was complied with?

1/3 of Military Overseas Ballots Trashed

Military Folks Fighting Mad About Votes

Bush Sues 13 Counties Over Military Vote


About.com Poll
Did the Democratic Party Unfairly Attempt to Disenfranchise Overseas Military Personnel?

Yes - This Shows the Contempt That the Democratic Party has for Those in Uniform.
No - The Democrats Were Using Legal Methods to Challenge Votes, Just Like the Republicans.

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