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U.S. Military Poll

The About.comMilitary Drinking Age

We've asked this question in the past, but it was so much fun, I thought we would ask it again.

Up until 1982, active duty military personnel could consume alcoholic beverages, while on any federal military installation, regardless of state drinking age laws.

In 1982, Congress passed a law which required military bases to comply with state drinking age laws, except in cases where the base was within 100 miles of a border with a lower drinking age.

Of course, there's the time-honored argument that if someone is old enough to fight for their country, and volunteers to do so by joining the military, they should be treated as adults in all matters (including drinking).

On the other hand, advocates against lowering the drinking age claim that keeping the drinking age at 21 for everyone, military included, saves countless lives each year.

What do you think? Should active duty military personnel be allowed to consume alcohol on base, regardless of age?



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