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Archived Military Matters

The About.com U.S. Military Newsletter

Note: Newslinks contained in this archived newsletter will take you to the discussion area of the U.S. Military Forum, but links to the stories from there are probably no longer valid. Online news-sources normally leave links active for only a few days.

Newsletter #6

Howdy all, and welcome to the 6th edition of Military Matters, the weekly newsletter for About.com's U.S. Military Page. Our Forum has been up and running for two days now, and I couldn't be happier with the participation. Thanks, folks! If you haven't dropped by to render an opinion, or just say "hi," please feel free to do so. Some notes on the Forum at the end of this letter.


Do You Know Where Your Soldiers Are? Today, President Clinton announced that we WILL be sending American Forces to assist in the peace-keeping mission to E. Timor. This makes more than 60 times this President has deployed our forces into possible combat situations during his long 8 years in office. That's more than 7 combat deployments per year! Many of these places, once we moved in, we were stuck and have never left. Remember Bosnia which started six years ago? President Clinton promised and promised that no matter what, American forces would only remain one year. Now, he claims that his military commanders lied to him, and it proved to be impossible to establish peace in one year.



RECRUITMENT WOES. This reporter from the Dallas Star Telegraph has done his research and, by following some recruiters around for a few days has been able to capture the essence of the tough job the military recruiters have today. This is an excellent article, and if you want to know some of the reasons the young folks are not joining up, and what the military services are trying to do about it, check this article out.


The United States and North Korea just wound up another six days of talks, concerned at attempting to limit North Korea's production of long-range missiles. This third round of talks since June resulted in the same thing the first two rounds did. Absolutely nothing. This is not surprising - we've failed to resolve anything with North Korea at any of the thousands of meetings we've had with them between the end of the Korean War (actually "cease-fire") and now.


It almost makes you want to cry. The dramatic program cut of the F-22 fighter may not be so much a matter of what is good for the country, but rather a personal fight between the Chairman of Lockheed and Congressman Jerry Lewis (R-Calif), new Chairman of the House Defense Appropriations Subcommittee. I really wish these kids would go outside and play on the playground and leave America's defense needs for the adults do decide.


According to Newsweek, Russian hackers, working for the Russian Government were able to hack into U.S. Government computers and steal classified Navy codes. Don'' let anyone tell you that the "Cold War" is over.


LINK OF THE WEEK: Of course, the link of the week for this week is the best new addition to the Internet - Our new U.S. Military Discussion Forum!



The primary issue in this appeal is whether the Court of Veterans Appeals (the name of which was changed to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims on March 1, 1999) correctly held that an informal claim for benefits filed with the Department of Veterans Affairs (Department) must be in writing. The court affirmed. The moral of this story is if you are dealing with the Department of Veteran Affairs, if it ain't in writing, it ain't so. Make sure you create a paper trail!!



I have been look for a job now for over a year. My search started back in May of 1998 when I graduated from Purdue with a BS in computer graphics. Most of the job offers held little to look forward to or they hired the person with more experience. So after a year of saying "no" to dead-end jobs and being turned down for jobs that I did want; the idea of joining one of the military branches became a choice I might choose.
I am interested in anyone's opinion on joining the military.


If you join as an enlisted man you'll soon find out that your degree doesn't mean anyhting.You'll be patronized,humiliated,and spend the MAJORITY of your time doing menial tasks such as picking up cigarrette butts and cutting grass.You'll soon find out that intelligence is not a requirement for leadership positions.What the military wants is an unending stream of 'yes'men. Because of this the military has a hard time retaining quality people.
Liberal 11


Whether it is Traitor Clinton or the miliary hierarchy itself, all these base closings are going to bite us in the butt. I believe in streamlining, but not eliminating our capacity to rapidly gear up for a conflict that in reality may cause danger to our national security, i.e. a deliberate attack on U.S. soil.


I am a retired army pilot, 22 years. I wonder when these police actions will stop. Our President, for a person who has never spent one day in uniform seems to find it easy to commit us to more and more "Peace Keeeping Missons". No wonder they can't keep good people.



Many of you have already chosen to participate in our new Forum (Thanks!). I think if we all keep at it awhile, it will really take off, and be a fun place for discussion, gossip, friendship, and intelligent debate. Please help me keep it alive. I know also that several people have not posted, and I believe I know the reason why:

In order to post in the U.S. Military Forum, one must become a member. Now, this is fairly easy to do IF everything works like it should. It doesn't always. The Military Forum is a combination of two systems: The About.com membership community and the Delphi.com Forum Community. When you join the U.S. Military Community through About.com, it is supposed to transfer the sign-up information to the Delphi system as well, so that everything is "seamless." It doesn't always work that way. Many times, once you join, you'll find that you still can't get on the Forum because now Delphi does not recognize you as a member.

I apologize for this. Myself and several other Guides have brought this to the attention of our superiors at About.com, and the techies are working on it (abiet, the work goes slow, as it will when two separate companies are involved in fixing something).

If you've joined the About.com Military Community, and find you still can't log on as a member because it says you're not a member of Delphi, please join Delphi as well, using the same information you used to join the U.S. Military Community. During the Delphi joining process, please choose the option for your Computer to "remember" your password. This will make logging on much, much easier.

If you are still having problems, please email me at usmilitary@aboutguide.com, and I will work with you to get your account set up. I would really like to see you as a participant on our Forum. There is a large opportunity for fun and friendship there.
That's it for this week, folks! Come by and visit http://usmilitary.about.com often! If you have any questions or comments, feel free to email me at usmilitary@aboutguide.com.


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