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Note: The following News-Stories can also be discussed in detail in the U.S. Military Message Forum.

New News

The BX/PX On The Move

Finding Bin Laden Will Take More Than Gadgets

Afghan Man Holds the US Embassy Fort for a Dozen Years

Some US Bases in Korea Will Close

Hand-Washing Drills in Basic

Homeless Vets in San Diego Get Winter Shelter

Bunker Bomb Could Soon Prove Useful

Frustrated Taliban Helpers Try to Go Home

Foreign Fighters in Afghanistan Pose a Problem

States Seek Military Dollars

Taliban Prisoners Revolt

The Marines Have Landed

Coast Guard Priorities Changed on Sept 11th

A Billion Here, A Billion There

Women Are Playing a Bigger Role

Previous News:

Poll - Most See a Second Korean War Coming

Soldiers Death Called a Homocide

Some Wary, But Most Welcome Marines

Thanksgiving in Afghanistan

Surviving Mountain Warfare School

Bahrain Hospital Fires American Doctor for Emails

Sharing Thanksgiving While Away From Home

Navy May Moth Ball Entire Class of Destroyers

Surviving Survival School

Two Chairs, No Waiting

Playboy Offers Nude Penpals to U.S. Troops

U.S. Chopper Makes Hard Landing in Afghanistan - 4 Hurt

No Link Between Illness and Depleted Uranium

Tricare Changes Help Reservists

US Boms Taliban in Kunduz

Bin Laden a New Target in Arab Media

Special Forces Target Fuel Supplies

Taliban Holds Families of Their Troops Hostage

$25 Million Reward Doesn't Translate

Pope Apologizes for Sexual Abuse

Rebels Begin Advance on Kunduz

50 Countries Detain 360 Suspects

Navy Ordered to Block Bin Laden Escape by Sea

These Navy Manuevers Don't Thrill Female Crew

Many Reservists Missing From the Dinner Table

US Troops Watch as Kosovars Vote

Japanese Police to Tap Into Email

Blue Angels Memories Still Soar

2 US Sailors, 3 Iraqis Missing After Tanker Sinks

Seeing Reservists in a Whole New Light

American Muslims Mark Ramadan About US Warship

Civilian Lawyers Mobilize to Provide Legal Help

Military Family Week Essay/Art Contest

US Accuses Iraq, Others of Developing Germ Warfare

US to Send Envoy to Middle East

Attacks on Taliban Continue

Aviation Security Bill Becomes Law

Many Taliban Envision Role in New Afghanistan

Osama Has Left the Building

Russia Opens Talks with Chechnya

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