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Defense Says Spangdahlem Shooting Spree was Suicide Attempt: SPANGDAHLEM AIR BASE, Germany — Jealous rage or suicidal confrontation? While prosecutors accuse Senior Airman Antoinette E. Johnson of threatening to shoot two women she suspected of cheating on her, Johnson testified Friday that she only wanted to kill herself. Johnson admitted she grabbed a 9 mm pistol while inside Spangdahlem’s base armory, loaded it and confronted the two security forces members during an argument. However, she said she never pointed the gun at Airman 1st Class Amy J. Wheeler and Airman Nichole L. Wesolowski. "I put the magazine in and my finger was on the trigger and I got a little scared and I checked the safety" to make sure it was engaged, Johnson testified during a general court-martial at Spangdahlem. "I didn’t want the gun to go off. I didn’t want to hurt them," she said. "I checked it to make sure nobody was going to get hurt besides me."

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